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The Guitar Hospital

There are a few places in K.L to go to when a guitarist needs some professional work done on his guitar. The place that I go to is simply called The Guitar Hospital. Located fifteen minutes away from K.L, tucked in a quite shop house is where Ray C. and his ...

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Yamaha THR-10 Guitar Amplifier

When the first POD Line 6 came out many years ago, it was the buzz in the guitarist community. An "amplifier modeling" unit which digitally simulates guitar amplifiers and cabinet models. It was very impressive than but I somehow felt that it had room to improve on. And back than ...

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Traditional Weapons

Salams. I was actually thinking of writing something else today when I noticed a friend posted a couple of interesting pictures on his FB. It's a picture of a traditional weapon  maker. He makes Keris, Machete's and even Katanas (Samurai Sword). I have always loved weapons of sort. I'm not an expert ...

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My Guitar Cabinet

If you haven't figured out by now, I am a guitar junkie! And as a guitar junkie I have always wanted a place to just chuck in my guitars and all the stuffs that goes with it. I just have a few more guitars than I have guitar stands. Often ...

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Keris ~ Keagungan Melayu / Malay Grandeur

I initially posted this article as a "Page" rather than a "post". Now, I just decided to move it to a post instead as my stats shows that it got quite a number of visitors. Kudos and credit goes to the original writer here. 1. The keris is a unique weapon The keris ...

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Cort Garage2 - Matthias Jabs Signature Series Guitar

The last quarter of last year kept me busy on my feet but I did manage to squeeze in some time for my dearest passion, ~ Guitars! Although I still haven't had the luxury of time to practice seriously, I did get to noodle on it so much more since I ...

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Keris - The Traditional Malay Weapon And The Malay Grandeur

In my previous post - Traditional Weapons, I wrote a little bit about the traditional weapons maker that lives very near to me. I have yet to go and pay him a visit. I also wrote about my machete. Since then, I was thinking on how to go about writing on ...

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Legend ~ A haunted guitar

Hiya peeps, How are you guys doing? I have been very busy lately and I can tell that many of you guys have been the same too :) I have something that I have been itching to post but just can't seem to steal any time lately. But first and foremost, kindly ...

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Traditional Weapons made in Ulu Klang

In my previous post I wrote about a traditional weapons maker. Well, I finally dropped by and met him in person. Nice man. He and his crew produces fine finishing on their products. Every raw material needed especially wood, are acquired locally. Amidst a quite hillside in Ulu Klang, Selangor, the ...

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Palmer Semi-Acoustic Guitar - GDB660 Ovation Clone

Lately I've had quite a number of visitors landing here looking for Palmer Acoustic Guitar. I know that there's not much of information online with regards to Palmer Guitars. I found a lot of questions online but not really good answers. Maybe this is because there is no Palmer Guitar ...

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Making Off Loudness Live in K.L 2011

A few weeks back I featured Loudness for Music Monday. Well on the 24th July 2011, Venued at Life Centre, K.L, Loudness did their thing. Needless to say, it was awesome! Our local supporting acts did their parts well too. Congratz to Amy Search, Satira, Sofea & Shewolves. You guys ...

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ChinaRiffs re-activated!

August 23rd, 2017

It has been a while since I updated this Blog. Facebook have taken over my daily social interactions to the max!. While making new friends through Facebook is great, getting in touch with long lost friends is simply heaven. Thank you Facebook.

So since FB has now become almost my daily social interaction, this blog will serve as a mirror of my FB postings/sharings.

Revenge Of The Termites

December 5th, 2013

It was just last July that I posted about my Hammer Guitar Hard Case being mauled by termites. Now they’re back with a vengance. Lately I have been noticing that the drawer where I keep my t-shirts are kind of sandy. So this morning I decided to take a look and pull the drawers out. And walla!, another colony happily chewing away at my cabinet. So I delayed going out and proceeded to spray some pesticide on the area. At least by the time I get back they should be neutralized.

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What To Do When You’re Not Sure Of An Answer On An IBM Certification Exam

December 3rd, 2013

Everyone has had the experience of taking a test and not being sure of the answer to a question. Hopefully, it won’t happen to you on your IBM Certification Exam, but if it does, then you will know what to do. Here is how you should handle that situation to try to get the best outcome.

Use The Process Of Elimination

Oftentimes, even if you don’t know the correct answer to a question on the IBM certification exam, you can still eliminate one or more answer choices that you know are wrong. This helps to increase your odds of ending up with the right answer. If you don’t know the right answer, then at least go about eliminating the wrong ones.

Go With Your Gut

After you have eliminated as many answer choices in the IBM certification exam, if you still have more than one left, then you may have to go with your gut. If you know the material well enough, then a gut guess will be much better than a guess made based on chance. When you’re out of other options, go with your gut.

Make Sure You’re Sure

To be sure of as many answers as possible, use the IBM certification study resources that can be found at Examtrace.com. You can compare these materials to others out there on the market, but you will come to the same conclusion. ExamTrace has the best study IBM certification guides and is the smartest way to make sure that you won’t end up looking at a bunch of questions but not being sure of the answers.

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