Keris – The Traditional Malay Weapon And The Malay Grandeur

In my previous post – Traditional Weapons, I wrote a little bit about the traditional weapons maker that lives very near to me. I have yet to go and pay him a visit. I also wrote about my machete.

Since then, I was thinking on how to go about writing on the collection of Keris that my dad has. Each Keris has a story to tell. Most of these Keris are more than 500 years old.  It’s going to take some time to compile all the relevant info’s on each of them. And obviously some will be void of info’s, whadaya expect 500 years is a loooong time. Than I remembered a GREAT post from an outstanding blogger. He articulately put the dots together as far as the keris and the malays are concerned.

Honestly, as a Malay, I am humbled by what he writes. He totally gets what the Keris means. So with his brilliant and beautiful writing, I decided to dedicate an entire page to the beauty and magnificence of the Keris and the Malays.

I will post more details about each of the Keris as and when time permits. For now, it’s time to meet the family. Have a look, do leave a comment or two. And yes you can comment in Bahasa.

Taditional Weapons

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3 Responses to “Keris – The Traditional Malay Weapon And The Malay Grandeur”

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  2. dondi045 says:

    That is very interesting! I am not really familiar with Malay Weapon but thanks for the info.

  3. Clarissa says:

    Never heard anything like that but it sounds interesting^_^

Komen di dalam Bahasa Malaysia juga di alu²kan, sudi²kanlah diri..

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