Fender Premium Audio System

I must say that musicosphere.com has been a favorite site to browse through since I stumbled it. So many great articles on guitars prersented in a simple straight forward manner on a nice clean layout. Worth bookmarking!  Furthermore the dude publishes it in French and English. I am humbly impressed by his efforts. Salutes man!

By commenting on his latest post, I thought I might just as well write it here too. Interesting development over at Fender. As the result of partnership between Fender and Panasonic, a new car audio system is expected to grace the interior of future Volkswagen models (Jetta GLI, Beetle,…), and it’s called the Fender Premium Audio System.

More info @ Fender

First reaction, I was like…hang on! A what? A car audio system? Hmmm.. and yes, it really is a car audio system. Man… of course more questions are playing in my head. Read more here.

In my humble opinion, it is just a Panasonic product with a Fender Logo. Not to belittle Panasonic in anyway as they do have an impressive range of products too and this Premium Audio System may yet be able to deliver what it claims.

However as a guitarist, I’d say wouldn’t it really be cool if it was actually a full tube amplification system with modeling capabilities lol!

Dream Ride

Wouldn’t it be cool to have it on your dashboard?

Imagine ~ packing a strat and driving to a favorite location spot and pop the trunk, in goes the the jack and walla…maybe even get a tone close to something like Eric Johnson’s.

Dream Ride

Finishing off with Desert Rose. Sweet..:) I’d call that ride ~ The JAM-ROD!

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Komen di dalam Bahasa Malaysia juga di alu²kan, sudi²kanlah diri..

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