New set of guitar strings

It’s time to change my acoustic guitar strings again. It was due for a change about a month back, but as usual, time constrictions. Besides, I always waited until one of the strings snapped before I changed them. It’s just a habit of mine. Squeezing everything to the last drop hehe. In this case, I managed to squeeze out every note out of the string so to speak. And guitar players actually do have that saying ~ “Squeeze every note”.

Palmer Acoustic Guitar

My Acoustic Guitar

Palmer Acoustic Guitar

Rubbing off the dirt and grime


Dirt and grime from the fretboard

Palmer Acoustic Guitar

Cleaned off dirt and grime

Fretboard Cleaning

Fretboard Waxing

Palmer Acoustic Guitar

Cleaned – Should Ring Sweetly now..

Cleartone Acoustic Guitar Strings

Trying out Cleartone Acoustic Guitar Strings,

hopefully it performs as advertised.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Color coded ball ends

Palmer Acoustic Guitar

Funky !!

Palmer Acoustic Guitar

Cleaned and Tuned. Click on the image above for more..

More on Palmer Acoustic Guitar.

Whoaa…these string are LOUD! So far I’m loving it.  Next in line will be my electric.

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9 Responses to “New set of guitar strings”

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  2. LadyJava says:

    Look so shiny and bright and loving the loud sounds coming from the guitar too.. good job dearie..

    nanti will get you more strings ok! muahs!

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  5. jgraham says:

    love the sound of a freshly stringed acoustic

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