MM-014: Yngwie J. Malmsteen ~ Presto Vivace & Finale

I had some classical guitar training when I was a kid. Although not a die hard fan, I have always enjoyed classical music. Among my favorite classical guitarist is Mr. Yngwie Johann Malmsteen. Also simply known as Yngwie Malmsteen. The man that introduced sweet classical influence to Rock music.

Hail from Sweden, the man is a pure classical genius. Europe has always been the birthplace of many great musicians. So here is Mr. Malmsteen doing his thing with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. Not many musicians dare to play live with a full orchestral accompaniment. But he pulled it off sweetly. The orchestra and the backing choir was great too. The album is beautifully named “Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra” and was released in 1998. I totally enjoyed this piece. I hope you do too :) Happy MM!


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22 Responses to “MM-014: Yngwie J. Malmsteen ~ Presto Vivace & Finale”

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  2. C.A.T. says:

    Howdy. Happy MM to you!

  3. Lily Arbee says:

    Hi! Happy Music Monday to you too, mine not up yet, still the office.
    Insha Allah, perhaps I will do it tonight. Wah! no bad classic music ke? I like to listen to some too.

  4. bethere2day says:

    Happy MM! to you :-)

  5. LadyJava says:

    wah.. mat rock main classical.. awesome!!!
    Love how he is so in tune with the conductor! cayalah mat rock!

    Happy MM!

  6. Clarissa says:

    To Malmsteen and to the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, you guys are AWESOME !!

  7. wow that is awesome~ baik punye goreng!!! hehehe… thanks for sharing Namz!!

    & thanks for dropping by, appreciate it. :D

  8. Joel says:

    Happy MM too! Have a great week.

  9. kinda late for the MM greeting , was kind of busy but able to visit back before next week’s MM.

  10. Lily Arbee says:

    It was typing error : I wanted to type …not… perhaps in a hurry it was without the .. t ..
    if I mean bad, then I wouldn’t have anoter word in front of … bad… see, just a missin ..t.. made a great different in meaning.

    Good day to you too, in fact, Good Morning, it’s 5.46 am, since I’ve got no time during the day during office hour, only at time stealing time to do my daily “drop” I force myself to be awake now!

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