MM-015: Blues Gang feat Hamzah Dolmat ~ Tudung Periuk

I’d like to feature a legendary Malaysian Blues Band simply known as Blues Gang. They released their first album in 1979.  Back than Blues wasn’t really a popular music genre in Malaysia. But thanks to them and a bunch of other musicians, the blues is now a recognized music genre. And to any musician who put some time listening and noodling to traditional malay music, they will recognize the blues in it too.

Blues Gang

“Asli” is a  form of a traditional malay music that presents the blues element but arranged slightly different from a standard blues structure.  So here is Blues Gang with a legendary traditonal singer and violonist, the late Hamzah Dolmat. This one showcase a very famous traditional malay song with a twist. If I’m not mistaken this tv show was in 1983. Please excuse the audio quality as it’s an old VHS recording. Give it a listen and see whether you can spot the blues line in the song ;p


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29 Responses to “MM-015: Blues Gang feat Hamzah Dolmat ~ Tudung Periuk”

  1. Lainy says:

    Cool! Nice pick for this week’s MM edition. Thanks for visiting Kuerdas. See you around!

  2. Joel says:

    They really don’t make songs like they used to. Happy MM.

  3. Joel says:

    Glad to know you like my site. Have a pleasant week.

  4. I really enjoyed that! Happy MM! :)

  5. Nisha says:

    Visiting you on MM and hope you’re having a please and happy one :)

  6. Hi Namz, Happy Music Monday, nice choice for a song, I enjoyed it too :)

  7. stevebethere says:

    Nice to hear something different

    Happy MM! and thank you for stopping by :-)

  8. Lily Arbee says:

    Hi! Thanks for the drop. Happy MM, your post bring back old memories.

  9. David Funk says:


    I’ve never heard of this song until now. Happy MM!

    Thanks for the comment on my MM!

  10. heya Namz, i was meant to comment on the day itself but my lappy sangkut!
    the combo is kinda weird but i think it’s kinda creative at the same time…it makes listening fun :D
    have a great day!:D

  11. Mariuca says:

    LOL @ David tak pernah listen to this song but then again, same here ahaks! Happy MM! :D:D

    • Namz says:

      Same² like Dave ya? No prob. Now you do. One of the advantages of joining Music Monday :). “We may run into something we may like which we may never know unless we join.”

      Hahaha cam iklan pulak ….

  12. LadyJava says:

    Wah best lah this song.. i love it.. esp the blues line.. kalau depa nyanyi pun best gak.. heheheh….

    • Namz says:

      Ya laa…but I guess it was an honour due to Hamzah Dolmat. The man did pay his due to music. In a way it was apt. How many other video can you get the man to play violin like that? Salutes to him.

      Hmm…gotta start workin on the tribute thingy..

  13. Thom Thoink says:


Komen di dalam Bahasa Malaysia juga di alu²kan, sudi²kanlah diri..

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