MM-017: Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody  :-).

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Personally, I’m not really big on celebrations. I don’t have anything against celebrating valentine’s day or any other festive occasions for that matter. But I have always felt that valentine’s day is simply ridiculously overrated. It’s one of the biggest rip-off day in the year.  Everything that has got to do with the tradition of celebrating valentine’s day goes-up 200%.  If you can afford it, hey by all means go for it. not so rich!

Anyway, here in Malaysia, there’s a “Boycott Valentine’s Day” going on for the past few weeks. Young people especially, are asked not to participate in celebrating valentine’s day. It’s a form of social control that aims to address extreme social problems such as baby dumpings. We have a lot of those these past few years. I don’t see how boycotting valentine’s day is going to make any impact though.

Valentine’s day is just one day out of the year. And it is NOT a religious ceremony or celebration. It was an old pagan tradition that has mutated through out the ages and finally disguised itself as the “Day Of Love” for the hungry capitalist to reap. That is what valentine’s day is today. It was born way before Christianity was even conceived, so please don’t blame our Christian brothers for the vices that relates to valentine’s day. Besides, like everything else, vices and sins don’t need any special day to happen.

And in the Malay languagge, Valentine’s Day is officially translated as “Hari Kekasih” which literally means “Lovers Day”. WRONG!!!  Valentine’s Day = Hari Kasih Sayang. It is not only meant for “lovers” but to actually celebrate “love”. Love from a child to their parents etc. And than of course to make exorbitant amount of profit within a very short span of time. The dark side of capitalism.

Boycott-Valentine's-DayHave they really thought this one through?

I sincerely feel that if we want to boycott valentine’s day on reasons of curbing vice than why not also consider boycotting New Years Day or even our own National Day for that matter. Officially sanctioned parties and concerts everywhere, public transportation services goes into extended operation mode and to top it all, the next day is even a public holiday.

It’s immature and easy to put the blame on another religion for the wrongdoings of society. And commonsense begs the same questions to our own age-old innovations, traditions and superstitions. Are a lot of Malay customs and traditions in sync with islamic teachings? Hmm…Apologies, I digress.

Anyway, I have always felt that, you don’t need a special day to express your love for anyone. It can be done on any day. So rip-off day or not, boycott or not, I really don’t care. To bluntly put it, my take on it would be to quote ~ Phua Chu Kang “Use your blain, Use your blain!!” ( Use Your Brain! ) In malay “Guna Akal!!”. And I’d jump on any means if it can help me amplify my feelings for my loved ones.

So ya! in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I humbly dedicate this song specially for my other half. You have been a source of wonderful inspiration and strength. I humbly thank you for your kind participation in this journey of life. May we be blessed and prosperous for the rest of our life. There’s no candle light dinners, no chocolate gifts. Nada! Just the usual thing that I say to you. I love you babe! and don’t you dare reply with a “Thank-You” and wipe off that smile! Sing baby sing! Happy valentine’s Day and Happy MM everybody! Have a great week.



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