MM-019: Beer anyone? (Jake E. Lee – Whiskey Train)

Hi peeps! It’s Music Monday again and yes this is a Music Monday post. It is a quiet night here. It usually is where I live but sometimes maybe once or twice a month I have friends dropping over to hang out. For the past couple of weeks, a friend kept dropping by with bottled beers. Non-Alcoholic beers that is.

This non-alcoholic beer has been around in Malaysia for quite some time now. I have tasted it before and there’s not much too say about it. It’s beer! without the alcohol ~ so the manufacturer claims. But, lately this friend started bringing other “flavoured” beer. Yup flavoured like Shandy. Now those I like :)

I’ve been delaying writing a post about it until those bottles piled-up and starting to become an eyesore. You know how beers starts to smell after a while? Well to my suprise they don’t smell bad at all infact it still smells very fruity :) So how do I go about integrating non-alcoholic beers into a Music Monday post?

Than I remembered a great song by Procol Harum a cool band from the sixties. They are responsible for such hits like “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” that has been covered by countless artist from every popular genre. From reggae to jazz no song has been so widely covered like “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”.

Procol Harum

But the song that I chose is another hit called Whiskey Train. It’s a cover by a legendary rock guitarist Mr.Jake E. Lee. Jake E. Lee was the guitarist for Ozzy Ozbourne for quite a number of years. I like the original version too, but I like Jake’s raunchy guitar sound better. Go figure, I’m a guitarist :) Let Music Monday’s “Cover Version” Expert ~ CAT or Con Artist Trickster do the honor in reviewing Procol Harum Hit’s and their cover versions. The dude is da man!

Jake E. Lee

So for those that haven’t tried these awesome beverages, check the picture out while listening to Jake E. Lee’s rendition of Whiskey Train. It’s the closest thing, never heard of any cool beer songs yet lol! Happy MM have a great week all! Finally I can throw away those bottles.

Non Alcoholic BeerHappy Music Monday Cheers!

Non Alcoholic BeerFrom the company’s site

Non Alcoholic BeerThis one is almost like Carlsberg’s Special Brew

Non Alcoholic BeerRaspberry ~ I like this one!

Non Alcoholic BeerStrawberry

Non Alcoholic BeerPomegranade ~ Delima

Non Alcoholic BeerPineapple


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40 Responses to “MM-019: Beer anyone? (Jake E. Lee – Whiskey Train)”

  1. Liz says:

    Lol. Great pick Namz. I’m not a beer drinker but those look good. Maybe I can try the pomegranate. :)

    Happy MM.

  2. LAPP-Joel says:

    Beer and whiskey? Very potent combination if you ask me. Happy MM.

    • Namz says:

      LOL! The non-alcoholic beer really does nothing. Not even tipsy :roll:! Just a beverage song to relate to.

      You have a great week too Joel :)

  3. BB-Joel says:

    Have a great week!

  4. Mariuca says:

    Wow I want to try pineapple non-alcoholic beer la like dis, didn’t know u can get it here ha ha! Happy MM, cheers! :D

  5. LadyJava says:

    wohooo!!! i like this non-alcoholic beer. I like the raspberry too.. it’s not overly sweet and smell so good…

    Loving the song too.. .. Happy MM!

  6. wira says:

    enjoy those beer bro !!!
    Happy MM :)

  7. Monica says:

    i’d love to try the Strawberry non-alcoholic beer..cos i don’t like beer haha!

    Happy MM Namz *cheers!* :)

    • Namz says:

      Oh you’ll love this one Mon. The flavored lines doesn’t taste anything like beer. It taste more like wine cooler. Very nice I tell you :) yum²!

  8. bethere2day says:

    I used to like Procal Harem oh and beer lol

    Happy MM! Namz and thanks for your visits each week :-)

  9. Great song and post Namz LOL!

  10. Lisa says:

    hi namz..
    happy erk minom2.. hehe
    neway yg senset mata tu mcm nasir bilal khan la
    i like :D

    • Namz says:

      Oh you like eh :) You want to know him? I can introduce. Dia tu cikgu sound engineering kat Aswara. Single lagi ahakss!

  11. wow, that’s a lot of flavored beer, great song with a great drink. cheers!
    happy MM!

  12. Cool song for Music Monday, but I think I prefer the original and Non Alcoholic beer sounds like such a bad idea! I tried Cheery Beer and Chocolate beer not so long ago and they are delicious and thankfully full of alcohol…

    • Namz says:

      Lol! I know what you mean. Why bother drinking something that is suppose to make you feel good but take away the good part that makes it good?

      But taste wise, it’s not really that bad. It’s just that if you’re used to the alcohol effect taking place, this one won’t even get you tipsy. But the flavored range is really nice :)

  13. Happy MM and thanks for displaying the MM Links on your website!

  14. star says:

    hahaha!!! thanks namz, you give me some idea. I hope this whisky will not get me sleep. cheers!!

  15. Bill says:

    Cool song my friend and yeah i like beer. Some people call me BM meaning (beer man). Happy MM to you my friend.

  16. First of all, sorry for being so late in joining the fun of Music Monday and I’m really flattered with your mention of me, but I gotta I’m absolutely not a music expert. I just say what I feel from the music I listen to. So, mostly it’s pure personal opinion. ;)

    Well, in my humble opinion, Procol Harum atmosphere is one of a kind, especially with their killer organ tune and sound. However, Jake E Lee’s version offers something different that’s equally good. His version is a more modern rockin stuff with cool riffs and crunchy sounding, definitely a pick for hard-rock lovers, especially guitarists.

    I know it’s a bit late mate. But….Have a great MM on Tuesday! :)

    • Namz says:

      Hey man, no apologies are necessary. It’s just Music Monday, it’s supposed to be FUN!
      What you do every week on Music Monday is pure passion and hard work to say the least. So in my opinion, you are more than qualified as an expert for Music Monday :)

      This ain’t some “Country Idol” and you’re doing something unique. Others are welcome to prove me wrong.

      Always good to have you on Music Monday bro. Happy MM and you have a great week now.

  17. Lainy says:

    Hi Namz. I didn’t know you’re from Malaysia. Star and I went there last year. We hope to see you when we come back there one day soon :-)

    I don’t drink beer. But they say a bottle or two is good for the heart. Anyways, great feature for MM this week.

    Happy belated MM!

    See yah!

  18. I’m not a fan of non-alcoholic beer myself. It’s too carbonated for my liking, but perhaps you have a better selection. Good MM music though! Thanks for sharing!

    • Namz says:

      I really don’t know lol! So far that’s the only Non-Alcoholic Beers that I’ve seen here.

      So I guess beggars can’t be choosers huh lol.

  19. Tawna says:

    Thanks for followimg me back and for your awesome commetns on my blogs. I did head over to that womans FB you told me aobut and friended her. She has a great attitude, just the type of friend I need to help me get whipped into shape!

  20. Clarissa says:

    Yes to beer!!I love to grab my beer when the kids were all asleep^_^

    It’ s a first to hear that song,cool!

    btw, thank you for being the top of my ec droppers–linky love for yah at Kizuna^_^

  21. nonoy says:

    I love beers on weekends,perhaps a bottle of beer or two. Hope there’s Delster beer in the Philippines so I can have a taste of it. Nice song, sounds like the heavy rock music of the 80’s Perfect for a bottle of beer. Cheers! :-)

Komen di dalam Bahasa Malaysia juga di alu²kan, sudi²kanlah diri..

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