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How are you guys doing? I have been very busy lately and I can tell that many of you guys have been the same too :) I have something that I have been itching to post but just can’t seem to steal any time lately.

But first and foremost, kindly allow me to extend my prayers to the Japanese people for the terrible disaster that they are facing now. Especially to a good friend Mr.Kohachi Iwata, although you and your family are safe, please do know that our thoughts and prayers are with you :pray:.

As the title of this post suggest, I am writing about the twilight zone here. It’s about this thing that has been happening for quite some time now. Although I have not personally encounter anything out of the ordinary but my business partner did.

I have this cheap eletric guitar which I bought from a friend’s friend. A friend had approached me to help his friend sell his guitar.  The dude was short of cash for his wedding. I tried to sell it to some friends but nobody wanted it as it was unknown here. But to my surprise I found the company’s website online. The guitar wasn’t bad or had any defects on it. It is a clone of the very famous Fender Stratocaster which of course has been imitated and replicated all over the world. Everything from the feel of the neck to the hum of pickups are almost exactly like the real Fender Strat. The only thing is, it has a plywood body hence it’s a lot lighter than a solid body Fender. After noodling on it for a while and showing it to a bunch of people and nobody was interested, I decided to just buy it myself.

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After buying it, I just left it in the office as it is. No modifications whatsoever. It became a practice guitar at the office whenever there’s not much going on. And since not so long ago, my partner has been telling me that he has been hearing the sound of the guitar when no one is playing it. He would drop by on some nights to finish up some things and whenever he arrives at the office door he would hear someone playing on it. The sound of course stopped the minute he opened the door. Initially he thought it was me, but of course there’s no one there but himself.

Legend Guitar

Does that look scary at all to you guys? My cat seem to like her shadows..

So after a few complaints from him, we decided to just take the strings off it and see what happens. Well, you guessed it..finally silence.Than after about two months later, I decided to  put on fresh new strings on her and very soon deja vu. This time around my friend not wanting me to think that he is crazy decided to borrow a CCTV system from another friend and hooked it up at the office. Nothing happened for the next seven days or so but the next following week..BAM! we got audio! Clear audio. We didn’t get to borrow those infrared cameras otherwise we might even have video too. Anyway, whatever it was that played it was good. I’m still looking for that audio file, really don’t know where it is now, but I’ll find it and post it here.

Legend Guitar

Before cleaning her up

So now, to the relieve of my partner, I have brought her back home. I have cleaned her up and put a set of fresh new strings on her. Now I’m waiting for whatever it is to make some sweet sounds on her so that I may jam with it. You like to play on my guitar so much dontcha? Well come on! Bring it, let’s get down and take care of business shall we! Ooh what if it was Randy Rhoads? This is gonna be fun, who knows we may even come up with a jingle for Emila :bananarock:.

Legend Guitar

Legend Guitar

Legend Guitar Fender Stratocaster Clone

Serial Number

Legend Guitar

Legend GuitarReady and waiting…


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