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Hiya peeps!

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How is everybody? Things have been a little bit tight on my end. Nothing new.

Ok, before I present my choice for Music Monday this week, I’d like to rant a little bit about spam. I’m sure many of you have spams be it in your mail inbox or in your blog comments. There’s just no stopping them, we can minimise but not eradicate. And who doesn’t have them these days?

Spam Alert

I am not going into details on spam itself but more of the content of the spam. Most of these spams originate from a spambot which is of course just a fancy name for a software that does the actual spamming. And of course there are actually real people behind these spambots.

Some of these spambots have some advance algorithm in shortlisting the targeted recipients. And some work pretty well in determining on whatsort of spam to deliver and to whom. Just like advertising and SEO. Same tools, different approach.

Some are just pure crap. Some are just dumb spammers. Now this sort of spambots and spammers are literally everywhere. There are even spambots that does it’s thing only on shoutboxes. The results are usually missed target audience, where the spambot just spams without any relevant infos on the targeted blog or shoutbox. And many don’t even care, they just want to spam. I’m not figuring that one out.

I just have a good laugh at the sort of spams that I get. And I even thought of maybe starting a meme and everybody can share the content of their spam. A really retarded example is like ~ “I totaly agree with you. You have a deep knowledge on this subject bla bla bla….” in response to my post “Rest In Peace Gary Moore”. Hillarious!

And this one tops everything else. Give around of applause to “P3n1s Enlarg3m3nt” be it pills, exercise technique, surgery and what have you.

P Enlargement Spam

The spam on this subject is so overwhelming that sometimes I really wonder the seriousness of the subject. Are there really that many men who’s a little bit short south? Or is it a matter of the ego? :aisay:

P Enlargement

I really don’t get it?! Hell they even made a movie out of it. Okay, size matters according to online surveys. I’ll buy that up to a point but guys just because most ladies says size matters, you don’t really have to be a freak! I mean just think about it rationally for a while. Don’t you think that it’s gonna be a freakin inconvenience not to mention uncomfortable too.

P Enlargement

Minyak Lintah Gunung

A traditional malay ointment..

And the reality is you’re not gonna find a woman with a 12 inch passage right? So what is really the big issue? Ego? Come on we’re not walking around naked are we? And since when did it become a sport?

P Enlargement

Personally, looking at all the assortments of methods, tools, supplements, lotions and the list goes on and on, I think it’s a universal sickness. A desease in the mind rather than a handicap. In a nutshell, I feel that if one can learn to write properly to express his feelings, it doesn’t really matter if he uses a skinny long pencil or a big fat short pen. The message will be well recieved :)

P Enlargement

So without further a due, for Music Monday this week, I’m featuring one of my favorite bands, Extreme. They were responsible for the ballad “More Than Words”. This one goes out to all you guys who’s thinking that they’re not hung enough and somehow less of a man. Take a breather and really think through it again guys. Have a listen, enjoy, have a great week and happy MM all!

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Reminds me of a joke in the Kelantanese dialect ~

Kontraktor rumah : Ambo nok mitak kelulusan buat rumoh, lagu mano gak caro dia?

Pegawai Bangunan : Lagu ni, mulo-mulo kita kena tengok pele (pelan) dulu.

Kontraktor rumah : Pele? Ambo ado doh!

Pegawai bangunan : Mano? Kalu ado wat tubik lah, kawe nok tengok.

Kontraktor rumah : Weh, tak leh! Mano bulih!

Pegawai Bangunan : Bak po tak lehnyo? cepatlah wat tubik!

Kontraktor rumah : Kalu tak tengok tak leh ko?

Pegawai Bangunan : Tok leh la!!! kawe nak luluh guano, kalu kawe tak tengok!

Kontraktor rumah : Awoh, ambo malu nak tunjok.

Pegawai Bangunan : Malu bakpo pulak? Pah tu bawok pele wat gapo kalu tak sir tunjok?

Kontraktor rumah : Ehhh! malulah nak tunjok , pele ambo kecik!

Pegawai Bangunan : Laa! Kecik pun tak po, asa ko cukup syarat!

Kontraktor rumah : Nak wat tubik nak tunjok kat mano?, orghe rama sini! Malu ambo! Malu weh!

Pegawai bangunan : La, tak apo! Nak malu ko gapo! Wat tubik letak atas meja kaunter ni pun buleh!

Kontraktor rumah : Hoh, tengok ni pele kawe….

Pegawai Bangunan : Awoh….buke pele ni, pele bangune!!!


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