Responsible Husbands Club


Responsible Husbands Club if it existed would fit nicely to compliment the “Obedient Wives Club” – OWC.

Malaysian Muslim, and his two wives, who are members of “The Obedient Wife Club”, pose with their children(AP Photo)

What club? As the name implies is group urging wives to avoid marital problems with global support. It’s Malaysian chapter has around 800 members while it’s chapter in Jordan has 200. It recently opened another chapter in Jakarta and soon even in European nations like London, Paris, Rome and Frankfurt. The numbers are growing rapidly indeed. Below are some excerpts:-

Malaysian women launch ‘The Obedient Wife Club

“We just want to ask all the wives to be obedient wives so that there will be fewer problems in our society,” such as infidelity, divorce and domestic violence, she told AFP.

“Obedient wife means they are trying to entertain their husbands, not only taking care of their food and clothes,” Maznah said. “They have to obey their husbands. That’s the way Islam also asks.”

Obedient Wives Club draws flak from women groups

OWC believed that women should be equally skilled under sheets, just as they are in the kitchen or around the house. Its vice president, Dr Rohaya Mohamad, said that wives who can serve their husbands better than a first-class prostitute in bed, would be able to keep their husbands from straying.

Keep husbands sexually satisfied

“If you look at the world today, women are already being treated as sex objects… in magazines, on TV… so why can’t they be sex objects to their husbands? It is legal and permitted by God.”

Obedient wives anger rights groups

“A man married to a woman who is as good or better than a prostitute in bed has no reason to stray. Rather than allowing him to sin, a woman must do all she can to ensure his desires are met,” Rohaya told the newspaper.

Good sex is a duty

“Islam compels us to be obedient to our husband. Whatever he says, I must follow. It is a sin if I don’t obey and make him happy”


And finally, the effing team nailed this one nice and good. Salutes guys!



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One Response to “Responsible Husbands Club”

  1. Lady Java says:

    Dr Rohaya Mohamad. ..are you subtly telling us that you are great in bed? can i take lessons from you on great blowjobs.. or do you yourself learn from Linda Lovelace?

    I am totally against this group but may join just so to find out what they are actually teaching.. after all where else can I learn how to be a high class prostitute right?

    Seriously though..does she really mean this?
    We just want to ask all the wives to be obedient wives so that there will be fewer problems in our society,” such as infidelity, divorce and domestic violence, she told AFP.

    Is she blaming the women for these social problems? Is she blaming the women and saying that is right for husbands to practice domestic violence?

    Yes.. kita kena taat kepada suami but tak semua suami tu suami mithali dan bertimbangrasa seperti Nabi Mohd .. kalau suami inginkan seks semasa isteri sedang penat setelah memasak and menjaga rumahtangga atau semasa isteri sedang sakit.. does it make it right for him to beat her until she tanggalkan seluar dalam… or does that make it alright and the women’s fault if he goes to another… how about if the role is vice versa… can we as woman seek sex elsewhere then if the husband is forever busy with office work and has no time for fun in bed?

    Sekian terima kasih… hendak sgt jumpa with this lady.. anyone can arrange for a meeting??

Komen di dalam Bahasa Malaysia juga di alu²kan, sudi²kanlah diri..

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