Thunder In The East Returns

Life has been a lil bit over the edge lately. When you start loosing friends and relatives, you know that you have got to live your life to the best that you possibly can.

It really sucks to loose people that are close to you. But than again nothing last forever. Eventually our physical being will turn into recycled atoms. The soul on the other hand is a form of energy.

Einstein’s theory is that “Energy” is neither created nor destroyed. Think about it for a second, isn’t that a Godly attribute? Anyway, if we agree on the theory, than what is death? To me it’s the end of the journey for the physical being but a begining for the soul in a diffrent realm.

And as long as the soul remains in our physical being, life goes on for the rest of us. And before I get deeper into philosophical stuff and bore you guys, it’ll be best to move on to Music Monday now.

I’m featuring Loudness as they are coming down to K.L soon for their 30th Anniversary Tour. It was the first Japanese Heavy Metal band that I heard. I must have been 16 or 17 when I heard them. I was in awe of the things that Akira Takasaki did on his guitar.

Loudness was the first Japanese Heavy Metal Band that was signed to a major label in the United States. A great achivement for an Asian act. They have released a whole lot of albums since than.

Current Line-up

This coming concert in K.L means a little bit more to me as a good close friend will be performing as an opening act for them. Our local Rock Band – Satira. Joining them will be two other great bands, Sofea and Shewolves. Salutes to you guys too :rock1: . It will be a BLAST! Err..Bro Mus..rambut tak rebonding ka untuk show ni ? Hehehehe….

The cool thing about Rock Bands are that they are almost like classical music, they are usually among the longest performers and entertainers in the industry and their hits last a long long time. And like wine most of them age nicely with time. So this is Loudness performing a medley of their hits that made it into the Billboard Top 100. Happy MM and Enjoy :)

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3 Responses to “Thunder In The East Returns”

  1. Jean Soo says:

    wow, thanks for the lengthy introduction. I am sure it is gonna be a blast!
    great pick for this week MM!

  2. gagay says:

    this song reminds me of my brother..hehehe!

    dropping by from Music Monday..hope you could listen to my MM entry too..see yah there!

  3. LadyJava says:

    keep the faith namz… everything happens for a reason ya.

    wah caya lah Satira.. well done!!!!

    Happy MM!

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