MM-032: Love Will Set You Free ~ Whitesnake


As a die hard fan of Whitesnake I am extremely happy that they’re coming to play in K.L on their 2011 Worldtour. It’s about TIME! Yup this coming October the 30th 8.30pm National Stadium, K.L.


Whitesnake has always had the cream of the crop of musicians PERIOD! And the current line-up is nothing short of perfection! Each member has at least 20 years of experience as professional musicians. And of course the powerfull voice and the frontman ~ Mr.David Coverdale, is a living legend himself.


So MM this week is them. The current line-up and a track from their latest album ~ Forevermore-2011. Like most of their songs, the rythm on this one is tight and melodious. The video clip is great too. Artistic and classy. It’s gonna be awesome to see them live :) Happy MM guys.

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21 Responses to “MM-032: Love Will Set You Free ~ Whitesnake”

  1. Dazediva says:

    I’ve actually never heard of Whitesnake before; and whilst waiting for the song to load, read through the lyrics. Definitely not the back beat I expected but its a pleasant surprise (I thought it was gonna be a kinda slow song)

  2. Namz says:

    Glad it was pleasant surprise for you DD :)

  3. Monica says:

    wow awesome video clip! hahaha..i’ve never heard of Whitesnake :P

    Happy MM Namz :)

  4. Namz says:

    Well now you have Mon :bananarock: Thanks for dropping by :-D

  5. Lily Arbee says:

    Hi dear, visiting as promised. I’m not in the office, so tonight I will come back to hear this song and I’m sure it’s nice. Do you have FB? If you like to visit my profile just be my friend there too. Just type Lily Arbee to request to be my friend.

  6. Jean Soo says:

    loving it at my first listening. thx for sharing!

  7. Namz says:

    Don’t worry about it. Take your time :)

  8. Namz says:

    Glad you like it Jean :)

  9. Emila says:

    Teringin nak tengok david coverdale dari dekat but I hate concerts. The one and only concert I went to was Vanilla Ice Concert in the 80s and rasa nak pengsan duduk dicelah-celah ribuan manusia.

  10. Lynn says:

    Nice! Happy Belated MM! Thanks for the visit. :)

  11. Namz says:

    Jom..jom. Beli tiket duduk la. Kita pun takmo diri gaks..tak laratss…hehe

  12. emila says:

    ok ok will ask my husband whether he wants to go or not. if he don’t want, can i join you guys? where to buy the tickets?

  13. Namz says:

    Ehh…come la. The more the merrier :bananarock: We’re gonna buy online kot. Will confirm balik hehe..

  14. LadyJava says:

    woottt… Whitesnake.. here we come!!!!!!!!

  15. LadyJava says:

    Meh meh Emila!!!! bestnya!!! tak sabau!

  16. I’m an old Whitesnake fan too, great choice! Happy Music Monday!
    Janet :)

  17. Namz says:

    Long Live Rock N Roll :rock1:

  18. Namz says:

    Thanks for dropping by Janet :)

  19. Wahh Whitesnake fan too! Nice.. Going to the concert tak?

  20. Namz says:

    Yaa…sudah MUSTI!!! Jom jom the more the merrier :bananarock:

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