Salams Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan 2011

Salams Ramadhan to everyone :). It’s fasting month again. For my Music Monday entry this week I’m featuring Brother Yusof Islam or better known as Cat Stevens to greet Ramadhan with “Peace Train”. Happy MM! all :)

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21 Responses to “Salams Ramadhan”

  1. Mariuca says:

    ?? Happy Birthday to u… Happy Birthday to u!
    Happy Birthday dear NAMZ……??
    ??Happy BIRTHDAY to YOU!! ??

    Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan yg mulia, semoga panjang umur dan sihat selalu, have a blast with wifey tonight… after buka puasa that is! ;)

  2. Mariuca says:

    Oh no…. my music notes turned into ?? … nonetheless, have a blast! :D

  3. Namz says:

    Hehehe tq!tq! Wifey is a blast indeed :hehe: She’s my everything rolled into one :yahoo:

  4. stevebethere says:

    I have always loved his voice, my fave song of his was Father and Son …good choice this week

    Have a good week and MM! ;-)

  5. Dazediva says:

    What a lovely track. I haven’t heard it before.
    Is it your birthday ?? Happy Birthday !! and Ramadan Kareem !

  6. Namz says:

    Thanks Steve :)

  7. Namz says:

    Yes it is DD. It is my 43rd year on this earth :)

  8. Liz says:

    Namz!!!! Happy Birthday! :) :) :)

  9. Lynn says:

    Nice! Happy MM to u too!

  10. Namz says:

    Thanks for dropping by Lynn :)

  11. Hello, from the Philippines.

  12. umihoney says:

    Salam Ramadhan

    Thank you for the music.Thank you for the visit to my blog.Thank you for being my friend.
    Have a great week ahead. May you and family be in Allah’s keeping always.
    Jazak Allah Khairan

  13. Namz says:

    Thanks for dropping by ML. Happy MM! :)

  14. Namz says:

    Vice versa Umi. Here’s blowing the same wishes to you, Ameen :)

  15. Hi Namz! Salam Ramadhan to you.. And semoga murah rezeki sempena menyambut birthday and Ramadhan sekaligus tahun ni! :)

  16. Namz says:

    Ameen! Terima kasih Bella :) Thanks for your wish on FB too :)

  17. Nisha says:

    The right and best pick of the week, i must say, with keeping in mind that the fasting month has begun.. wish all my Muslim friends a blessed and peaceful month of fasting and devotion to Allah.

    Thanks for sharing … he is a proud Muslim convert just like me :)

    Blessed month ahead :)

  18. OMG!! I love this song so much, I never knew he sang it,, thank you for sharing it, Happy MM to you :)

  19. Namz says:

    I’m glad you that you noticed the relevance of the song to Ramadhan. The lyrics sums up pretty much of what I feel too :)

    Here’s wishing you an awesome Ramadhan and may you be blessed on your journey sister. Salams!

  20. Namz says:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed and finally get to know the singer Janet :) Happy MM to you too :)

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