Cort Garage2 – Matthias Jabs Signature Series Guitar

The last quarter of last year kept me busy on my feet but I did manage to squeeze in some time for my dearest passion, ~ Guitars!

Monster Flying V Guitar

Although I still haven’t had the luxury of time to practice seriously, I did get to noodle on it so much more since I started this blog. I have also been working on getting all my guitars back into “playable” condition. Nothing serious though, just some of my guitars need some minor work on them to maximize their performance. However, my acoustic guitar that I had since I was 13 is currently being refurbished. I will write on it once it’s back with me. Should be soon now:)

Maxtone Guitar

My trusted 30 year old acoustic at the Doctor’s

In the meantime do kindly allow me to introduce a brand new addition to the stable. The Cort Garage2 – Matthias Jabs Signature series. Cort is one of the largest guitar makers in the world, and produces fine instruments for many other companies.

Cort Logo

I have had my eyes on Cort Guitars for sometime now as they produce fine instruments at very reasonable prices. In short Cort is what Ibanez was 30 years ago. Today, Ibanez are among the big boys in musical equipments. Cort is paving the same path.

Cort Garage1 & Matthias Jabs

Matthias Jabs with his Garage 1

Growing up in the 80’s, the Scorpions were hard to miss. I grew up listening to their tunes and Mathias Jabs melodious solos were always fun to work at. He is among the great guitar heroes of the century. But I was attracted to the Mathias Jabs Signature series not so much because I am a Scorpions fan.

The sleek, smooth contour and body hugging design was what caught my eyes and I have always prefered maple fretboards. When I tested it out, I was really amazed at the comfort of this guitar. A straight no nonsense rock n roll guitar period! After testing it out for the third time on the 30th Dec 2011, it came back with me :) So here she is.

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Matthias Jabs Signature

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs


Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs


Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs


Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Fine finishing

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Still has the pickup covers on

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Simple controls ~ a 3 way selector, small switch for the bridge pickup bypass, a volume and tone control which splits the pickups to single coils.

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Slanting custom designs Mathias Jabs pickups. I have a feeling that they’re Duncan’s. Very impressive indeed!

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Neck feels like a cross between Ibanez and Fender Strat

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Sexy smooth curves

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Modern all access neck joint makes reaching to the upper frets a breeze

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

You can slice butter with it..

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Graphtech TUSQ nuts

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

Fixed hardtail bridge

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

No whammy bar here, just bright maple sustain..

Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs


Cort_Garage2_Matthias Jabs

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10 Responses to “Cort Garage2 – Matthias Jabs Signature Series Guitar”

  1. LadyJava says:

    Wah.. nice… bila nak buat concert ni??

  2. Wira says:

    Rock N Roll crazy night, you’re the hero tonight !!!!!

  3. Namz says:

    Concert?? Ayaaa..dah pencen daa..

  4. Namz says:

    Aiksss…bukan ke lirik lagu Loudness tu? Yeahh..sing it bro :bananarock:

  5. LadyJava says:

    alah… kan ada Konsert Emas.. semalam tu i saw Bumiputera Rockers.. semua pun OTAI.. lol!

  6. Namz says:

    LOL iya la kan! Hmm kita buat virtual concert aja laa. Line up band kita pun orang² virtual hehehe…

  7. LadyJava says:

    hahah.. boleh boleh.. nanti kita sembang lagi..hahaha

  8. The Hawg! says:

    Checked out the video for that Cort at the link. Great looking guitar. Of course, I doubt my wife would let me buy another one…

  9. Namz says:

    lol! My wife too, and that’s all she can do lol. In a strong defense, compared to a lot of other hobbies or passion, guitars are still manageable in turns of cost.

    Think about it, throw in anything againts guitars, say ~ cars, golf, bikes, boats etc., guitars are wayyyy affordable. :lol2:

    As for my wife, it’s too late for her, there’s no saving me *evil laugh* :Evo: :rock1:

  10. Ken says:

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