MM-041: Paradok ~ Satira

This week’s MM will be a Malaysian talent ~ Satira. Formed during the late 80’s they had a string of hits and established themselves as a one of Malaysia’s Hard Rock Band to be reckon with.


They are still rockin hard today. Last year, they played with Loudness. They are my good friends. Nice and humble people, lol!

Satira 2011

Anyway, Bro Mus has been pestering me for some pictures of him that I took while we’re hanging out at a music store. So I figured why not do a MM post and showcase a Malaysian talent as well. (Would be much more easier if you guys had more clearer videos online). Anyway, here’s a collage of your pics. The full copy would be sent to you via FB. So here is Satira performing live during the Loudness “Live In K.L” concert. Have a listen, enjoy, happy MM and have a great week all.

Mus SatiraA Rockstar indeed!!!

Mus SatiraMe and Bro Mus @ Whitesnake Live in K.L 2011

p/s Please excuse the audio quality as I believe this is not the mixed copy. Whatever happen to those..I wonder?..and is the Metallica thing happening??

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4 Responses to “MM-041: Paradok ~ Satira”

  1. Emila says:

    Quite heavy for me. First time hearing about this band.

  2. LadyJav a says:

    Otai!!! Get well soon Mus!

  3. Namz says:

    Hehehe…Maybe you have heard their slower numbers such as :-

  4. Namz says:

    InsyAllah. Godspeed. Ameen :)

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