Hamer EchoTone XT Series 2011

I am posting this as a reply to Ralph who posted a question in my previous post. Well Ralph bro, as the title of this post suggest it is a Hamer Echotone XT Series 2011. This guitar belongs to a friend who bought it recently and has trusted me for safe keeping as he is in the midst of moving. I’ll be the caretaker of this beauty until he settles down in his new place. So in the meantime, here she is.

Hamer Echotone 2011

Hamer Echotone 2011

Hamer Echotone 2011

Hamer Echotone 2011

Hamer Echotone 2011

Like all short scale guitars (24 3/4), this one plays nicely. Specification and details are over at Hamerguitars.com. Personally, I don’t own any hollow bodies nor a short scale guitar. All my electric guitars are solid bodies and standard 25 scale. I would love to have one. I just love the comfortable smaller stretches when playing it but find the cons are a little annoying. Les Paul sounds great but are just too damn heavy and not to mention cost a BOMB! Jazz styled guitar like this Echotone  although has  a big hollow body, it isn’t as heavy as LP’s. It sounds nice and warm but not muddy. However the cons are I find my arms tire easily because of the angle that your arms rest on that big wide body. It’s seriously like J Lo’s ass man.

Actually I have always long for a custom LP shaped guitar but they were just too expensive to own one. And I didn’t really like the cheaper copies that I have tried. Well that was before, today there are many LP copies that are sweet and not so outrageously priced.  They are more affordable these days. Currently, I have my eyes on this one bro..who knows maybe it too will join the stable soon. :hehe:




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10 Responses to “Hamer EchoTone XT Series 2011”

  1. Monica says:

    Wow!!! Didn’t expect you’d come up with a special post based on my question on your previous post… I’m honored!!! hehehehhehehe Anyway, I thought it was an Ibanez Artist… I am using an Ibanez Artist… hard to get it these days and need a new set of pick ups I guess… heheheh haven’t figured out the tone and setting yet for the new setup… soon… maybe…kekekekkekeke

    Anyway, I too love LP guitars… simply cool and love the tone and vibration on that!!! I agree… the price tag is a lot heavy to look at but perhaps it comes with its quality… I just love the sunburst guitar finish on an LP… however, don’t really fancy the tremolo on it… hehehehhe Well, it seems both of us do share some common interest bro… I would love to have a badass LP one day… May God Bless us both… I know it isn’t easy parting with a huge hard earned cash to purchase one but one day, my brother… one day, we’ll own it… Amen to that… Then, we can jam….hahahahhahahaha… I have a lot to learn and perhaps I can get some tips and tricks from a skilled player like yourself… hehehehhehehe

    Anyway, thanks for the special post and reply… I was fast asleep last night… Couldn’t reply early… just arrived home from work… hahahhahaha wanna restring my Artist tonight… did some polishing on frets, body and fingerboard last night… it turned into a shiny black Artist now….hehehheheh Cheers brother… God Bless…

  2. Namz says:

    Hey no prob bro. This is a guitar blog after all. An Ibanez Artist player huh? Ooo you must be A Jazz Maestro. Nice… :)

    From what my friends that uses them tell me they’d go for Duncans as a replacement for the stock pickups. More precisely the Duncan ’59 in the neck and a Duncan Pearly Gates for the bridge. You’ll be safe for a lot of different music genre on those. A friend of mine owns this:




    And most “F-holes” guitars will have some 60 cycle hum when played at loud volumes. It’s the resonance from the chambered body. An inherent thing, the reverb has to go somewhere right. The hum might be less with better pickups though.

    We can even jam now without waiting for a new guitar, so long it’s not more than four chords lol! I don’t mind sharing tips and tricks, that’s how we progress. I’m only as skillful as someone else who has rarely play guitar for ten over years. I’m a newbie as far as I’m concern, perhaps you might end up teaching me a thing or two instead.

    Good to know you’ve got your axe all shiny again. Put some strings on it and let’s jam!

  3. Monica says:

    Good morning bro! Sorry, been busy with my classes for the past few days… Well, mine is still with the stock pickups… That setup that you mentioned, seems rather interesting to try… mmmm… start saving some $$$ for the pickups and the installation… hehehhehe soon… hope I don’t get a minor sharp stare from ehem…ehem… you know who…hehheheheh

    Your friend’s Ibanez looks sweet!!! Wonder how it sounds… The ‘F-holes’ guitar looks classy to me and a bit tender too. I wouldn’t mind getting myself one of it in the future. Kinda cool hehehehhe… Well, I had it all shiny and restrung. I played a few tunes the other day. I can’t say how good I felt to finally get my hands on it again… One little problem though… my Marshall dual button footshwitch, P802, doesn’t seem to work… I tried opening it to see if there was something wrong with it but all the wiring was still intact. Could it be the cable or the jack?…. Anyway, will take it to a shop to check.

    Well, I love the idea to jam again… hahahahhaha But, first gotta get my sticky fingers ‘loose’… hehehhe a lot of buzzzzzzing sounds due to imprecision finger placements….hehehhehe aka….VERY RUSTY…. Well, I really hope one day we can jam and indeed we can share lots of techniques and styles. Bear in mind, I am out of practice for soooooo longgggg, bro… hahahhahahaha… That’s just too bad… gotta go back and start scheduling my practice sessions… at least an hour a day…. where can I find that time…? mmmm…

    Well, bro… thanks so much for the tip on the setup thingy and I appreciate that… Will try when I have some extra $$$… wonder where to get them cheaper… Keep in touch bro…

  4. Namz says:

    Good morning to you too.
    No apology is necessary. We all got things to do :)

    Looks like we both have something in common ~ RUSTY FINGERS lol! But when you know just how good it feels in your hands, the rust will start to drop off even if you play an hour a day. Just MAKE TIME for it. It’s not that difficult either when the rust starts dropping off fast. By that time an hour could be well stretch into a “few” more hours lol! Latok sudah mali maa…! And like I said bro, I don’t mind jamming as long as it’s just four chords.

    My friends “George Benson” Artist is a is a beauty indeed. The pictures don’t do justice. But she is a monster to handle. The guy practically has .012 strings on them. You’d be a monster too if you can bend the high E string a half step. But than again you don’t bend much in jazz.

    As for your footswitch, a trip to the shop is in order unless you have a some sort of potentiometer to check the connection of the cables. With regards to the sharp stare from ehem…ehem, :psst: turn it into a loving one. Whip up a tune specially for her. Spend some time with inspiration and feel all your love for her and just let the melody flow. Turn your sincere feelings into the lyrics. She ain’t gonna stare no more! Worked for me :)

    After all, The Zen proverbs says ~

    It’s the silence between the notes that makes the music, It’s not the note. It’s the space between!

    You have a good one now. Take care.

  5. Monica says:

    wahhhh….what ehem…ehem… hahahah are u referring to me!? -____-

  6. LadyJava says:

    hello ahem ahem.. lol!!!! lil monster indeed!! ashahahha

  7. Monica says:

    ahahhahaa LJ!! now they’re “bullying” me >.<

  8. Monica says:

    LOL! sure or not from ehem…ehem, :psst: turn it into a loving one?? hahhhahaah!!

  9. LadyJava says:

    lol.. that is up to R lah.. lol!

  10. Namz says:

    No laa, no one is bullying you Mon, just asking yer man to love you more :love: maa…

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