My Guitar Cabinet

Classical Guitarist If you haven’t figured out by now, I am a guitar junkie! And as a guitar junkie I have always wanted a place to just chuck in my guitars and all the stuffs that goes with it. I just have a few more guitars than I have guitar stands. Often when people see my guitars they would suggest that I get those multiple guitar stands.

Guitar Stand & Racks

Those are good. I have single stands but not those that can hold multiple guitars. I can almost hear the repeating suggestive voices ~ “get the freakin MULTIPLE STAND ALREADY!” lol! It’s not that I don’t want to, I sincerely don’t have the heart to have all of my guitars displayed openly. Leaving my guitars out in the open is really not a good habit when there are cats around doing what they do, plus that thing does take up quite a bit of space.

"Cat Scratch Fever!" - Ottawa 2002
Guitars (actually a lot other stuffs too bags, shoes etc..) when left unattended for a period of time may easily turn into a scratching post and not to mention getting fur in every nook and cranny of the instrument!. It is a blessing if nothing breaks. But what can I say, I love all my cats too :). I usually have two guitars out and placed on their individual stand. One electric and the other an acoustic. Behind closed doors of course.

Cort Garage2 and Palmer

And anyway, it’s just not practical and sometimes can be decremental to store guitars in their hard case for long periods of time. They need to breathe too especially in high humidity places like Malaysia. In extreme cases, humidity can do irreparable damage to the wood, electronics and the rest of the hardware. Rust and certain microscopic life-form will claim your guitar as a habitat. Yes some things can grow without the light.

Broken Guitars

So when the Mrs. did some spring cleaning a few weeks back, she found out that she could do with a smaller cabinet for herself. And due to the many moves that we had, the cabinet that she has been using wasn’t really in a good shape. It wasn’t stable structurally and it was falling apart. But it wasn’t all that bad, a few screws here and there and some lovin’ time with the handyman side, it should be as good as new, it can yet be salvaged, I told myself followed with a :).

All these while, she was using the cabinet to keep her long drapery dresses thingy and it just happened to be the perfect size to convert into a guitar cabinet. After getting a new cabinet for her and a few hours of tool time…Finally I have my very own guitar cabinet! I also have space to store all the little titbits that goes with the passion. A lot less dust and fur on my guitars and surprisingly so far it looks like the strings last longer too. As they say at McDonald’s: I’m Lovin It! :yahoo:

Custom Guitar Cabinet

Just an ordinary cabinet converted into a Guitar Cabinet!

Custom Guitar CabinetFinally a proper place for my babies..

Custom Guitar Cabinet

Custom Guitar Cabinet

Custom Guitar CabinetAll these years, I kept them in boxes..

Custom Guitar Cabinet


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10 Responses to “My Guitar Cabinet”

  1. Monica says:

    wow..that’s a nice “Guitar Cabinet”! ralph loves guitars too..but his guitars all lying around collecting dust now haha…

  2. Namz says:

    Huh…lying around collecting dust? Why he no play maa? Eh what guitars does he have ya?

  3. LadyJava says:

    so nice of your mrs to let you have the cabinet eh.. lol!!
    GREAT job Namz converting it to your dream guitar cabinet ..It looks fantastic and awesome!!

    next project.. covered litter bin? hahah

  4. Monica says:

    Hi Namz, Ralph here… my lil’ monster (Monica) told me about your passion (guitars). She knows heck about guitars… well, women… hahahahha Anyway, I have a few lying around the living hall hehehheehehe… left unattended and unappreciated, perhaps due to busy schedules and ‘cari makan’ time… Thank God!!! I got a classical, two acoustic guitars and an electric guitar downstairs… heheheh In fact, I have just polished the electric guitar… hard work it seems… I see yourself got a nice ‘guitar wardrobe’ there… neat bro… well done… And… what a NICE COLLECTION of GUITARS toooooo… Man… a Fender man it seems huh… Well… I’ve got an unused cabinet just about the size that you have… might wanna try and convert it into a ‘guitar wardrobe’ too hehehhehe soon… Keep it up buddy…

  5. Monica says:

    BTW, Namz… what guitar is the first from the right? Is that an Ibanez Artist 90’s?

  6. Namz says:

    Hey man I know what you mean about guitars taking a back burner due to “cari makan”. Many of us fall into that viscous circle because of “cari makan”. We all gotta eat first right?

    Onced I even told myself that if by the age of 40 and guitars are still in the back burner, I’m going to sell everything guitars that I ever own. But that did not happened. So I might as well start playing again.

    I wouldn’t really call my self a “Fender” man. I have two as in the picture. Both American Strat, a 1969 and a 1990. Both are sweet. Hey you have quite a collection yourself. Get working on that unused cabinet and chuck em all in there. It’s worth it man. The strings last longer.

  7. Namz says:

    She’s always nice :p

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  9. Namz says:

    The answer is in my next post bro :)

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