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Ibanez is no stranger when it comes to musical instruments. They have been in the business since 1935. Like many other fine musical instruments company, their products range from affordable to outrageously expensive.

Nevertheless, they manage to have a stable of virtuoso guitarist that endorse their products. Among the big names are Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and countless others. A good product does that!

Ibanez Signature Artist

I too am a fan. I have two of them myself. They are very comfortable to play straight out of the factory. No major fine-tuning whatsoever needed. Of course the signature series cost a bomb. One particular model that has stood the test of time is the “Jem Series” which is a Steve Vai signature model. It came out in 1987 and is still selling like hot cakes today. I have yet to own one :hehe:

Ibanez Jem Floral BodyThe original design that has stood the test of time..

Ibanez JEM Premium 2012 Ad

Ibanez Jem CollectionDifferent models of the JEM series

Although most of these signature series comes with a hefty price tag, a company have managed to make it much more expensive than it already is. It is basically a standard Jem but adorned with 2.30 carats pink sapphires set in sterling silver and 44 full-cut 0.50 carats gem diamonds. Now that’s A LOT of blings!!! Anyone feel like pimpin’ their axes out there ?

Pimped Up Ibanez Jem

Pimped Up Ibanez Jem

Pimped Up Ibanez Jem

Pimped Up Ibanez Jem

Pimped Up Ibanez Jem

While it is clearly nothing but pure eye candy, this aesthetic beauty will cost USD$24,000.00! If you happen to be an ostentatious guitarist than this may be worth considering :roll: Well me, I’m no “blinger” and  I see no purpose nor connection between one and the other. One may look good playing it but it sure ain’t gonna make you Steve Vai! To each it’s own :peace:.

Pimped Up Ibanez Jem

Anyway, gracing Music Monday this week will be Steve Vai performing one of his epic hits ~ “For The Love Of God” live on his JEM without any blings on it. Listen to Steve making his guitar sing. Enjoy, have a great week and happy MM all :)

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