MM-052: Wanted Dead Or Alive ~ Bon Jovi


Anonymous but not mysterious, at least that’s what I try to be online. Let’s face it, from the very minute that we subscribe for an internet line and to all the emails, social networks, chat-boards, forums and all the other various services that we register ourselves to ~ we’re in the “GAME” so to speak. And all these various information about us that we willingly provide can be gathered rather quickly. So there really isn’t any anonymity online but rather just an illusion of it.

A dear friend of mine Freddie thinks that I’m some sort of a wanted man. LOL! No dude, it’s just personal preferences :wink:. The reason that I say I’m “anonymous but not mysterious” is just that. I am anonymous to anyone who hasn’t met me but not in any way mysterious as you’ll still be able know me to a certain extent by my online profiles. And if we do actually meet, the so call “mysterious veil” fades. I view my online alias as the extension of myself. I value and choose privacy as one of the main theme that I would like to experience in my life hence the alias and the “mosaic” pictures.

So Freddie my friend, that’s the official reason for those “mosaic” pictures Bro. No, :Evo: by all means I’m not a wanted person nor am I a criminal. I just figure that if anybody wants to know me better, let’s be civilize and hook-up for a coffee or something and you’re buying :peace:.

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10 Responses to “MM-052: Wanted Dead Or Alive ~ Bon Jovi”

  1. Liz says:

    I have not heard this song in a while. Thanks for sharing. “)

  2. LadyJava says:

    I love how your quote of day somehow complement your post entry… Do you think they crawl your stuff like ads does.. ;)

    Anyhow I totally relate and prescribe to your principle too… I too remain mysterious too online but by no means anonymous.. can’t afford to be when I’m running a biz online :)

    Love this song by the way.. and love your wanted picture.. no reward stated? I could easily get that bounty.. lol!

  3. Namz says:

    You are most welcome Liz :)

  4. Namz says:

    Oh ya…should have put a fine print there ~ Not applicable to those that has met me lol!

  5. What a tune Namz – Excellent choice that should be played loudly. Have a great MM

  6. Namz says:

    Yes Sir! You have a good one too :)

  7. stevebethere says:

    I agree with Unofficial Chart Blog

    It’s a shame proper bands are getting rarer these days.

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :-)

  8. Namz says:

    The pleasure was all mine sir. You have a good one too :)

  9. Emila says:

    Wah! Panjang tu rambut1

  10. Namz says:

    Hehehe jaman dedulu….

Komen di dalam Bahasa Malaysia juga di aluĀ²kan, sudiĀ²kanlah diri..

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