The most expensive PAF Humbucker Pickup Set

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“Are you CRAZY?” That was my wife’s reaction when I showed her the E-Bay page. I was shocked too! USD15K is a LOT of money to a LOT of people. I sincerely believe that even if my pockets ran DEEP and in this instance very very very!, I still wouldn’t. I love everything guitars and I am a collector of sorts but definitely not that eccentric!

15K 1959 Gibson Les Paul PAF Pickup

They are vintage and unique but that’s about it. I don’t know about you guys but I’m thinking wouldn’t half a century cause some sort of corrosion to metal no matter how minute it is? And for an output that is around 7K to 8K Ohms, there are plenty of brand new ones out there that are in that range. But than again I always say that if you can afford it, go for it!. To each it’s own :peace: .

15K 1959 Gibson Les Paul PAF Pickup

15K 1959 Gibson Les Paul PAF Pickup

15K 1959 Gibson Les Paul PAF Pickup

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2 Responses to “The most expensive PAF Humbucker Pickup Set”

  1. LadyJava says:

    hahhaha.. definitely a no no.. no matter how deep my pocket ran… i would love to see if it got sold though.. are you watching the item for fun?

  2. Namz says:

    Ermm was actually thinking of buying them for a friend :lol3: But than again like I said “If you can afford it and it does nobody any harm, go for it!” it’s like Go BIG or go HOME! :hehe:

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