Revenge Of The Termites

It was just last July that I posted about my Hammer Guitar Hard Case being mauled by termites. Now they’re back with a vengance. Lately I have been noticing that the drawer where I keep my t-shirts are kind of sandy. So this morning I decided to take a look and pull the drawers out. And walla!, another colony happily chewing away at my cabinet. So I delayed going out and proceeded to spray some pesticide on the area. At least by the time I get back they should be neutralized.

Termitox 500EC

Termite Attack

After removing the mess, this is the damage that it did inside the cabinet drawer

When I got back, the colony that had been sprayed on was indeed neutralized but while cleaning up the mess I could still hear the sound of them clicking or gnawing. You’ll recognize that sound after a few encounters. To my surprise I discovered that the place where I initially sprayed in the morning was just 1/3rd of the whole colony. They have happily chewed their way right to the top portion of the cabinet. A penthouse view indeed.


Termite Attack

Termite Colony Attack

Now this is where I place my beloved Hard Shell Guitar Cases. Yep four of them stacked one on top of the other. But only two are occupied. And not all of them are really “hardshell”. You know the one that’s like the fiber glass material. And luckily enough I placed the Fender Stratocaster Hard Shell first and another case on top of it. And this is what happened to it.

Termite Attack

Fender Stratocaster Hard Shell Case

Fender Stratocaster Hard Shell Case

Nope termites can’t eat this material!

Fender Stratocaster Hard Shell Case

After some initial scrapping, it still looks good underneath

Fender Stratocaster Hard Shell Case
Finally! :)

The cabinet is pretty much gone. Looks like from now on, I have to diligently spray the house at least once in every four months. Sigh… at the price of having a “Resort” like feel living, we do have to share the space with everything else. Considering the circumstances, it could have been worse. They could have gotten to the two more guitars that was in the other hard case. All four cases and contents are still intact. Phew!

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  1. LadyJava says:

    OMG! OMG! teroknya.. no guitar was hurt in the process right? How about the my wardrobe? affected or not?

Komen di dalam Bahasa Malaysia juga di alu²kan, sudi²kanlah diri..

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