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R.I.P Jon Lord

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

The co-founder and keyboardist for Deep Purple, the Grand Master of keyboards, Jon Lord passed away yesterday.

John Lord

A versatile player that covers anything from classical to hard rock. He co-wrote many of Deeep Purple’s hits such as the iconic rock theme ~ Smoke On The Water. He also contributed his talents to various other projects as a session musician and is thought to have played piano on The Kinks’ hit You Really Got Me.

John LordConcerto for Group and Orchestra performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969

Prior to him, the Hammond organ was mostly used in churches. Jon Lord literally brought the Hammond organ into the rock scene and has since made it a sort of sound trademark for any rock music that incorporates a keyboard line in it. You gotta have a Hammond sound if you wanna go Classic Rock!

John LordWorking on classical pieces

With a total of 150 million albums sold and thousands of live performances, Jon was still actively composing and writing materials to his last days. Rest in peace Jon.

R.I.P Paul Ponnudorai

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

My sincere condolence to the Ponnudorai family. He has always been one of my idols. There aren’t many that reached his level of playing.

Paul Ponnudorai

A flexible guitarist that has a whole bag of magical licks to cover a wide variety of music genre from the blues, bluegrass, country, jazz and pure rock. A master player in my eyes. In fact TIME magazine once wrote that he may have been “quite possibly the greatest musical interpreter of our time”.

Rest in peace bro, your musical prowess lives on! Once again my condolence to the family and my humble SALUTES to the other “Master” Ponnudorai bros. Yup they are as lethal on the guitar!

The Master of Guitar and Gears Reviewer

Friday, June 15th, 2012

As we all know, Youtube has opened countless doors of opportunity via video. It has served as the best tool to showcase one’s talents. Understandably people would exploit it to the max. Thus the term “Youtube Artist” was coined.

No doubt that many great talents has since emerged from it. And one such unique talent that I came across lately is Mr.Tony McKenzie.

Tony Mckenzie

A unique and multi talented english gentleman, Mr.Mckenzie put’s out a cool collection of videos entirely in HD.  You can listen to some of his soulful hard driving music over at his myspace page. Apart from playing and creating cool music, he does AWESOME gear reviews.

While it’s common to hear about people being given free stuffs to review and provide feedback’s (usually tend to be a little bit bias :lol2:) but get this, he is someone who actually BUYS stuffs and reviews them for free. And this man really knows his stuff. Not only does he buys expensive high end professional gears, he actually takes it apart to show you what’s inside. Now that’s an AWESOME review in my book.

Tony Mckenzie Collage

It’s just impossible to list down all the cool items that he has reviewed so far. But to just wet your guitar appetite, drool on this guys ~ The Randall George Lynch Lynchbox Prototype Amp, The Marshall YJM100, The Kemper Profiling Amp, Ceriatone Amps(Yup! The AWESOME TUBE AMPS FROM MALAYSIA) and I trust that you guys have a hunch that there’s much more cool stuffs in between those. guitars, pedals, multi effects and the list goes on and on..

So if you’re into guitars, do check out his Youtube channel for great tips, reviews and how to’s. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. And nobody is paying me to write this post either. It’s just simply one of the best source of  information on guitar reviews that begs to be written. And it is also my sincere gratitude in recognition for the amount of effort and time that Mr.Mckenzie puts out generously. I salute the man :respect: .

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