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PopUp Blues

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Pop-up Advertisement

I don’t know about you guys but I just simply don’t like popups and apps that autoloads. Apps that autoloads are fine if you use it, but if not, it’s just going to take up valuable system resources and makes your desktop loads slower. Memory hogger’s is what they are.

Popups or popunder on the other hand are generally a new web browser window that simply pops up on top or below (pop-under) your existing browser window. A usefull web feature that has been exploited to display advertisements. Most of them will autoload with certain criteria such as demographic, web content, pagerank, etc mainly intended to attract web traffic. They are just simply anoying to say the least.

With that said, I was very supprised to find out that my site has a popup!  I was not aware that I had it on my own site. But while I was registering for a program, I was swiftly rejected due to popups. I never subscribe to anything that has popups or at least I thought so. Or than again, maybe some program which I had joined finally decided that they needed popups after all.

Kudos to the site admin for alerting me. He was even kind enough to help me narrow down what caused it. The problem is I don’t get any popups whatsoever on my end that is until I use IE and disabled the anti-popup feature. I see it! So I am in the midst of hunting down the source of this popup. In the meantime you may see some changes on my side bar while I troubleshoot. Sigh…this may take a while.

The line between clarity and obscurity

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Southeast Asian countries are blessed with their megadiversity be it’s flora, fauna and it’s people. Through out the ages, the various ethnicities has produced an interesting civilization.

Of course there are diferences in these civilizations. But if we take away all the diffrences namely race, culture, religion and politics we’ll have an amazingly beautiful landscape with generally nice and warm people. On a basic level we share a lot of common beliefs and traditions. It’s in our blood.

Or at least it’s how I’d like to see it, especially when things around starts to irk me. I started this blog with the main intention of it being my personal online journal, I’ll write anything I like and anytime I want to. And I kept reminding myself to seriously consider the advice of a certain “Gentlemen’s Club” that is to leave two things behind before entering the club that is Politics and Religion.  (more…)

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