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Basic Guitar Playing Tips

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Hey guys! I have really been buried in work since EC died. And now I have some leisure time to noodle on the guitar again. While I’m noodling away, you may find it helpful to improve your guitar playing with these tips.

I love everything about guitars, whether it is playing them or simply admiring a limited edition release. If you are looking to learn for the first time, or brush up on your skills, then here are a few tips to help you on your way. First, you will find playing the guitar a lot more enjoyable if you are inspired, which is where listening to music comes in. Listen to the best guitarists, such as Jimi Hendrix or Slash, and you will no doubt gain more of a desire to learn and improve your skills so that you can sound even half as good as them. Once you have the motivation to learn and practice, then the rest will follow.

Active Axes


Guitar Love & Care

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Kissing Guitar

It is a calling. A calling of love and passion for the six string instrument. Adhering to the call whether you are a newbie or a Pro Guitarist, the other fact that we share is that our guitars takes a lot of abuse. Like most things, they require maintenance as they are subject to various factors that if left unattended for a period of time, may render the instrument useless and unplayable.

A good habit to practice is to do a generic check up every time you change to a new set of strings. It’s a good idea to change strings regularly which should generally be about every month or two. Playing on rusty dead old strings is seriously not advisable. The rust on the strings acts like sandpaper when in contact with the frets thus wearing them down faster. And I don’t have to tell you what happens when (more…)

The Glass Guitar ~ Aristides O1O Arium

Friday, August 31st, 2012

The Netherlands, 1994. In the quest of finding the perfect tone, a Dutch Civil Engineer and Acoustics expert Mr.Aristides Poort together with a number of brilliant scientists from Delft University of Technology began researching into an alternative tone material. By answering the question, “What happens to sound wave at a cellular level in a material?”. They came up with Arium.

Aristides O1O Super Strat

An environmentally friendly wood alternative, Arium is actually made out of (more…)

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