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Traditional Weapons made in Ulu Klang

Friday, January 28th, 2011

In my previous post I wrote about a traditional weapons maker. Well, I finally dropped by and met him in person. Nice man. He and his crew produces fine finishing on their products. Every raw material needed especially wood, are acquired locally.

Traditional Weapons

Amidst a quite hillside in Ulu Klang, Selangor, the place is serene and cool. Just a mere 5 minutes ride from where I live. This place is among the very few last places where the art of making traditional weapons such as keris, machetes, swords and spears are at the brink of extinction. I have been told that, there’s only five places in Selangor where this art still exist.

Traditional Weapon Furnace

Set among the cool shades of Ulu Klang, the workshop feels homey and humble. A small countryside operation. But judge not the size, this small countryside operation produces fine custom made weapons. And they also make replica weapons for movie props. Malaysia’s most expensive TV Show Arjuna showcased an array of traditional prop weapons made by this humble man. From a distance, one can never tell the difference between the real weapon and the prop.


As it was a last minute thing, I didn’t get to spend much time there, and the camera battery wasn’t fully charged either. Anyway, I managed to snap a few pictures here and there. Maybe I’ll go again and next time fully prepared. In the meantime, checkout the pics below.

Traditional Weapons

Assortment of traditional weapons ~ Keris, Machetes..


A friend holding a custom sword


Keris ~ Keagungan Melayu / Malay Grandeur

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

I initially posted this article as a “Page” rather than a “post”. Now, I just decided to move it to a post instead as my stats shows that it got quite a number of visitors.

Kudos and credit goes to the original writer here.

1. The keris is a unique weapon

The keris is absolutely unique to the Malay archipelago. Its artistry, effectiveness, and mythology simply has no equal anywhere else in the world! It can be said that it represents the highest level of Malay creativity. Only a unique culture is capable of creating such a unique weapon!

The keris is irrefutable proof of an incredible level of outside-the-box thinking! And this characteristic is inherent in the Malay culture and psyche. Such a creative culture has vast potential – it can be applied into any other field of work that the Malays choose to. And surely, the culture that gave birth to the keris is able to adapt itself and create unique Malay successes in other fields!

Taditional Weapons

Keagungan Melayu (Malay Grandeur) sees the keris as a symbol of the creative power that the Malays already possess within themselves!

2. The keris is a product of noble character

What sets the keris apart from other weapons in history is the artistry that goes into its creation. The details found on the blade exist in no other sword in the world. Ordinary iron and wood is transformed into an ornate item that is rich with meaning and significance.

Taditional Weapons

The keris is a creation of patience, love and reverence. Patience in crafting the elaborate details into the keris. Love for Malay strength, artistry and culture. Reverence towards the keris as a powerful expression of the Malay mastery of both martial arts and fine arts.

Taditional Weapons

You cannot mass-produce a keris – that would demean its significance and power. Each keris has to be handcrafted and its value is derived from the personal power of its creator or its bearer. So the power of the keris is not found in the created object, but in the culture and person who created it!

Keris – The Traditional Malay Weapon And The Malay Grandeur

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

In my previous post – Traditional Weapons, I wrote a little bit about the traditional weapons maker that lives very near to me. I have yet to go and pay him a visit. I also wrote about my machete.

Since then, I was thinking on how to go about writing on the collection of Keris that my dad has. Each Keris has a story to tell. Most of these Keris are more than 500 years old.  It’s going to take some time to compile all the relevant info’s on each of them. And obviously some will be void of info’s, whadaya expect 500 years is a loooong time. Than I remembered a GREAT post from an outstanding blogger. He articulately put the dots together as far as the keris and the malays are concerned.

Honestly, as a Malay, I am humbled by what he writes. He totally gets what the Keris means. So with his brilliant and beautiful writing, I decided to dedicate an entire page to the beauty and magnificence of the Keris and the Malays.

I will post more details about each of the Keris as and when time permits. For now, it’s time to meet the family. Have a look, do leave a comment or two. And yes you can comment in Bahasa.

Taditional Weapons

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