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Re-connect with Entrecard sites

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

How has traffic been since Entrecard went down?. I’m guessing that it does affect most of us Entrecard users. Well isn’t that just the nature of the net?, a happening site and gone the next. It too had it’s share of server overloads and other technical difficulties from time to time but it was really a cool way to hook-up in the bloggersphere. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. Thank you Entrecard!

Top Entrecard Users

Popularity rating ~ 666 hehehe:hehe:

I’m sure many active users would be somewhat of a lost to surf to all of our favorite blogs if we don’t have their urls bookmarked. I know I am, but luckily I happen to have a bookmark list on most of the sites that were actively dropping here. I kept it as a backup and was primarily used when (more…)

Facebook’s New Timeline

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Well Facebook has finally given me until August the 4th before the new timeline replaces the old(which I still currently use). I guess it’s fair that they have given ample ample time for us to get used to the new layout.

It may be slightly confusing initially, but we’ll get use to it soon enough. I am going to let the system automatically upgrade my profile by 4th August. And I have prepared a simple “cover photo” for the new timeline. Below is a screen capture of how it should look like when it kicks in.

Dukun Facebook Cover

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