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If My Pockets Ran Deep

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

A blogger friend, Bella had an interesting post titled “If I have a lot of money..”

What do you think a young gal would do if she has lots of money? Shop till they drop? LOL!
Well to my surprise, this girl has quite a taste for superwheels instead.  She list down 11 top supercars of the world. And her post actually got me to write this.

I dont know any dude that wouldn’t go GA-GA over supercars. Myself included, but I’m more of a “Hot-Rod” or “Overhaulin'” kindda guy. If my pockets ran really deep, all my rides will be tweaked and pimped haha!

Aww….Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes

Hey you guys remember the old Mercedez Benz Mini Buses we use to have on the roads? Wouldn’t it be cool to Hot-Rod it! I mean really tweak it. It can fit a lorry’s engine. Big engine and a small body. Who-ho-ho..she’s gonaa do 200.

A Lame Attempt At Tweaking My Dream MiniBus

To top the icing, turn it into a Mini RV. Remove all the passenger seat and you’ll have lot’s of room in there. Throw in the all goodies ~ A flat Tv, shower, bunk-beds, wireless internet and a small kitchen and we’re good to go. I’m so gonna take a trip all the way up to china hehe. Well that’s only happening if my pockets ran really deep.

In the meantime I’ll  be just as happy if my pockets ran just deep enough for me to add a custom guitar to my collection. I already have a few but not a “custom guitar” made to my liking. I’ve seen a few friends who have them. They’re a fine piece of equipment. And to my surprise they’re not that expensive. Not that expensive if you compare them to the Big names. (more…)

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