Dan Jim Part 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Dan Jim Part 1

My name is Dan, Jim was my /friend/best-friend/">best friend as far back as I can remember. Now that we are both 18 and about to graduate, I am saddened by the thought that we may be separated as we go to different colleges. You see, Jim and I have been lovers since the beginning of high school. It started out as mutual hand jobs and soon progressed to greater intimacies, anal, oral, everything. 

At first, we excused our behavior as "normal", a substitute for "real" sex with a girl. As time went on however, I found that I was in love with Jim and he with me, I had no desire for "normal" sex with a girl, only to be with Jim. I could think of no sex that was more real than sex with Jim. In our school being labeled a "queer" could make life extremely difficult, if not dangerous. So we kept our relationship discreet.

I remember in our sophomore year we shared the same /gym/">gym class. After class when we were showering and changing, I had to shower and change at the opposite end of the room. If I caught only a glimpse of Jim with his clothes off I would get a raging hard on and then everyone would know! 

The fact is, Jim has the most beautiful body I have ever seen. Light brown hair, green eyes, beautiful smile that he flashes frequently at me, smooth hairless chest with those /gorgeous/">gorgeous nipples I love to suck on, a faint six pack in his abs, long lithe legs that I love to have wrapped around me, smooth round butt, and not to forget his six inch cut cock that I practically worship. People say that Jim and I look enough alike to be brothers, I know were the same height and have the same coloring so maybe theyre right and maybe thats where our attraction comes in.

It was just after school and Jim and I were in his room making out. We were still clothed and standing in each others embrace while Jim pressed his lips against mine, he flicked his tongue between my teeth. I opened my mouth wider to take him in as my hands ran up and down his back, occassionally squeezing his butt through his jeans. My breath was getting ragged and I pressed my groin against his so I could feel his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock against mine. I longed to be rid of the constraint of clothing as I felt his hands reach down to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants. Soon my pants were on the floor and Jim was kneeling before me, tugging my shorts down and then taking my cock into his mouth. 

I had to repress the urge to come immediately. It was always like sexxxx video ful hd this, he could make me come in seconds if I let him. The feel of his mouth and its wet warmth as he lunged all the way down my shaft was exquisite. I slipped my rugby shirt over my head so that I was now totally naked, except for my socks. I saw him look up while he was sucking on my dick to gauge my reaction, at this point I was rubbing and kneading my nipples and concentrating on not coming. I had to look away, seeing his face looking up at me while my cock was plugged into his mouth was almost guaranteed to make me come prematurely. I wanted this to last.

Jim stopped to remove his clothes, I took off my socks, now we were both totally naked. My cock practically jumped seeing him in front of me like this. We embraced again, holding each other tightly so that our dicks were pressed against each others while we kissed passionately. 

Eventually we made our way into bed where I laid on top of him, our bodies still pressed together in embrace. I kissed him all over his face, neck, and ears, while our cocks made humping motions against each other. I moved down to suck on his nipples, I loved doing this and loved his reaction, he always gasped in delight. After a while I kissed my way down his stomach to his cock, greedily I took it into my mouth. I moved up and down his shaft taking it all the way in my mouth until I felt his pubic hair /tickling/">tickling my face. It wasnt long before he begged me to stop, he didnt want to come too soon either!

We laid on our sides xxx sex video download free com and 69d each other. It was always easier to stop yourself from coming when you had to concentrate on sucking cock at the same time your cock was getting sucked. 

After a while we fell apart and moved into each others arms, I started kissing him on the mouth while holding him tightly. I couldnt get enough of him or hold him close enough, I wanted as much of our bodies touching as possible. 

I rolled off of him to reach into the drawer of his bedstand and got out the K-Y. I began rubbing it on my cock, Jim rolled onto his back with his legs spread and knees up. After I had lubed up my cock Jim raised his legs and spread his butt cheeks to reveal his pussy. I began spreading K-Y over his pucker hole and inserting my finger inside to get him all lubed up, he moaned with pleasure while I did this and his cock would jump when I stuck my finger inside of him.

I kneeled before Jim and slowly lowered myself to insert my cock into his hole. Slowly I pushed my way into him, I could feel the tightness of his ass gripping my cock, willing me to come. He begged me to keep going, deeper, deeper, while he pulled me down on top of him. Jim always liked me to be right on top of him when we were fucking. He liked the feel of my belly rubbing against his cock while I was pumping him. I was in as deep as I could go, Jim wrapped his legs around me as he held onto me, I could feel his hands moving up and down my back, I was in his full embrace. 

I started to thrust and pull back, slowly at first but soon a little faster. I slipped my tongue between his lips as my dick pushed and pulled inside his /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. He held me even tighter and begged me to come inside him he couldnt hold back any longer, suddenly I felt his ass muscles spasming around cock. I felt the warmth of his seed against my belly. That was all it took, I came inside of him for what seemed ages, it was as though my very insides were being spewed out inside him. I was panting now and rubbed my cheek against his, "I love you", I whispered. "I love you too", he gasped. 

In the aftermath we laid together for a while, we would need to get dressed soon, his parents would be coming home soon.

"We need to talk", he said, "you know well be going to different schools when we graduate, were going to have to think of something."
"I know", I said. He was right, his parents could only afford state and my /dad/">dad was insistent that I go to his ivy league alma mater. I would think of something, I couldnt bear the thought of us being separated. But that was for another time, we still had a while to figure something out and I would make the most of every moment we had together.