Hand to Hand Noncombat

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Hand to Hand Noncombat

My family and I lived in a comfortable home on the tree lined street in a small rural town. Next door lived a single Mom who must have been in her mid thirties. She had a son who was born with cerebral palsy and was now 18 years old. His condition was such that he needed constant care. For some reason which I never understood, she was unable to get governmental help in taking care of him so she had to assume the full responsibility for his care herself , though she did get financial assistance.
When I was 15 she called me in one day and said that she had an opportunity for a part time job. . She wanted the job if for no other reason than to get out of the house for a while and mix with other people. She explained that she couldn’t take the job unless she could have someone come in every day and look after her son, Mark. Since I was on summer vacation from school she thought I might like to make some spending money. She was willing to pay me $5.00 an hour. Since $75 a week seemed pretty good to me I accepted the job.
Mark’s condition was such that he had very little control over his muscles. His movements were very unsteady and jerky . Consequently he needed help eating , going to the bathroom and getting dressed . He had great difficulty walking and speaking. His words were muddled and he usually uttered but one word at a time instead of speaking in sentences.
Mrs. Clark had me come over one Saturday afternoon and explained what had to be done. She wanted me to feed him a snack, give him sponge baths and hold a receptacle for him to pee in when he had to. If he spilled food on his clothes or soiled himself , I was to wash him and put clean pajama on him. He wore pajamas all the time because they were easy to change and made it easy to get to his penis out when he had to pee.
It turned out to be a very convenient job. Mark didn’t have to be entertained. He sat watching TV all the time and I could sit on the couch opposite him and read books assigned by my school for summer reading. . Getting his snack was no problem He couldn’t manipulate a spoon so I fed it to him. When he had to relieve himself he would say pee and I would take the container, put his penis over the lid and when he finished I would flush the contents down the toilet.
The first few weeks were uneventful and there seemed to be no problems. But one day I noticed a bulge in his pants and realized he had an /erection/">erection. I was surprised because I didn’t think he was capable of that. As I watched him I saw how uncomfortable he was . He pushed it down with his arm and twisted in his chair and made sounds . I didn’t know what to do and after a while he went back to watching TV and the bulge disappeared. A couple of days later his mother called me in. ’ Have you noticed anything different with Mark lately?
I said ’What do you mean?’
’Well, he seems to milf porn videos be maturing , to ... well I don’t know how much you know about sex and ... and the male organ.’
’I wasn’t born yesterday, Mrs. Clark. Are you talking about Mark having erections?’
’Yes, ’ she said.’ he seems to have them all the time lately. I suppose most boys his age do but I don’t know what to do about Mark.’
I was a bit embarrassed. ’Why do you have to do anything?’
’He’s starting to get agitated and aggressive. He seems angry all the time now and I know it’s because the seaman that his body produces is building up in him and he needs some relief.’
’I don’t know much about it but couldn’t he relieve himself? Isn’t that what boys do?’
’I know what you mean but he doesn’t have enough control over his muscles to do what you are suggesting, Joan. He can’t manipulate his fingers’ She paused a minute, looked down at the floor I’m desperate. If he gets too frustrated he could upset the house. He’s getting bigger and stronger and if he goes into a rage I won’t be able to handle him’
’I’m sorry , Mrs. Clark. I wish there was something I could do.’
’Well, maybe there is , Joan if ...if you would be willing , if well I don’t want you to get upset ,,, to think I’m trying to corrupt you or something but I was wondering if...
’You want me to masturbate him, right?’
’Well, yes. I can’t. I couldn’t do that to my own son It would be ... I could be charged with child abuse and it would be incest , so I was hoping that..."
I was wondering how I could get out of this. ’ I’ve never done that. I’m not sure I would know how.’
’Oh, I’ll show you,’ and she went and got a cucumber. ’It’s very simple. All you have to do is massage it, up and down a few strokes and have a wash cloth handy to catch what shoots out.’
She seemed so upset I decided to give in. ’Sounds easy. I suppose I could do that.’
’ I’ll pay you extra each time you do it. I would think once or twice week would be enough.
All we’re trying to do is give him some relief , to ease the tension that keeps building up.’
The following Monday I went to the house as usual. Mrs. Clark, on her way out said , ’ He has an erection now. Good luck,’
I went to the bathroom and got a wash cloth. Then I went in and sat down next to Mark. His pajamas bottoms wee sticking up and Mark was squirming and making ughing sounds ’Hi, Mark Looks like you’ve got a little problem there.’ I reached into his fly and pulled out his penis. It was the first erect penis I had ever seen and I was startled at its size and circumference, so different from how it was when I took it out for him to pee. I just held it for a minute and examined it, trying to learn what the male organ was like. I could feel my juices starting to run. The minute was too long for Mark and he moved his body around and started lifting himself off the chair in up and down movements. I decided he had waited long enough and started moving my hand up and down as Mrs. Clark had shown me with the cucumber. I become even more aroused but after no more than two or three strokes he threw his head back, let out a loud cry and ejaculated. Just in time I put the cloth over the tip of his penis and caught the white stuff that shot out. When Mrs. Clark came home she asked, "How did it go? ’ I told her what had happened and she seem so relieved. .’You’re such a help, ’ she said. ’ Something had to be done and you know I... I just couldn’t do that with my son.’
The next few days were back to normal but when I went in Friday he was again in a state of agitation. Again I relieved him as I had done previously. After a couple of weeks, prety much jerking him off twice a week, I began to wonder if his erections were just a function of hormones and seaman build-up or whether he has the same reaction as other males to the stimulation of viewing the female body. I decided to experiment. When I went back on Monday I wore neither a bra nor panties under my skirt. As I expected , he was again ready for a hand job and it took no time- two strokes or so and he came. Now that build-up had been released so there should be no urgent need to ejaculate and therefore to have an erection.
I went over and sat across from him as I usually did. After about 15 minutes I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs. Then I watched to see if there was any movement on his lap. He looked at me, spotted my open legs and began making gurgling noises and his penis began rising under his pajamas. So, I thought , my experiment is a success. But now, as I sat there and looked at him I began to feel so sorry for him. Here was a boy who had all the physical desires of any other male but would never be able to hope for anything with a woman except maybe getting jerked off once or twice a week. As I watched him squirm I decided to go further than I had originally planned. I went over to him, opened my blouse and let him stare at my tits. He was again making odd noises and moving about as best he could, trying to reach out to touch me. I took his two hands and brought them to my chest . He rubbed them with the back of his hands and then I brought his head down and let him suck my nipples. I was getting wetter and wetter. At the same time I reached down and began playing with his penis. This time I didn’t immediately start jerking it but rather let my fingers dance over the head and tickle down the sides. He groaned and his breath came in gasps. Then with a loud groan he came. I had neglected to get another wash cloth so I caught blowjob porn videos his cum in his pajamas . Afterwards I had to bathe and change him. His pajamas were a mess but I knew his mother wouldn’t care as long as he was no relieved and calm.
After that, whenever I arrived to take care of him as soon as he saw me his cock would immediately stiffen and he would make noises that seemed to say ’Do me, Do me.’ His mother who was always there when I arrived noticed his reaction to me. ’ You’ve conditioned him - just like Pavlov’s’ s dog’ she laughed. Before she left she said ’I can’t afford to pay you the extra five dollars every time do that to him. Can we work something out? ’
’Nothing extra, I said. ’I don’t mind doing it and it’s really no bother.’. I could have added that I enjoyed it , that it got me hot but I didn’t think she would want to know that.
I got to thinking more about his bleak life and of never being able to enjoy a woman and wondered what else I might do. On my next visit his cock immediately became hard as soon as he saw me.
I sat down across from him and spread my legs as before. Again he made those kind of animal sounds he made in these circumstances . This time I went over to him, lifted my skirt and took his hand and rubbed it over my whole pubic area. Then I untangled two of his gnarled fingers and helped him insert them in me. I moved them in and out until I gasped . I shuddered all over. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for this.
After I jerked him off I went and sat down to do some homework. After about a half hour I again heard his unintelligible utterances. I looked over and his erect penis was sticking out of the fly of his pajamas .I decided things were getting out of control. He would have me jerking him off all the time I was there. I decided I had to do something so I went over to him and took his two hands . He couldn’t really open his fingers so I took his wrists and placed them on either side of his cock. Then I helped him move them up and down faster and faster until he came. From then on I did that every time I visited . Then one day I refused to help him. ’You do it,’ I said. ’Try .You can do it.’ He finally caught on and from then on he was on his own.
At the end of the summer I quit my job and returned to school My experience with Mark came in handy when I started dating. It seemed to me that guys were always trying to get into my pants. Just about every time I went on a date we would park somewhere and start to make out. With most guys kissing was great and for some they could play with my boobs if they wanted to. That felt good especially with the right guys. But some guys wouldn’t stop there. Most of them would try to unzip my pants and slide their hands inside my panties. The ones I liked I let do it because it felt so good to be rubbed down there but when they tried to take my pants off I always told them no. Too many /bad/">bad things can happen when guys start putting their pricks inside you. Besides when my cherry is broken I want to decide whose prick is going to crack it open and it wasn’t going to be any of these horny teenagers who only wanted to get laid.
But if I liked a guy I would open his pants, take out his big one and play with his dick until he came. I would always ask them if they had a handkerchief before I started and have it ready when they shot their load. I didn’t have a problem jerking off guys. I had been doing it most of the summer with Mark so I looked at it as just another prick waiting for it to happen.
. Most guys would cool it when I told them couldn't put their hand under my panties but once in a while there would be a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer, If, after a struggle, he still got my panties off and he had his dick out ready to shove it in I would grab it and start doing the same thing I did to Mark. When he came I would aim his prick up so he came all over himself. With his clothes soaking and smelling he would lose all interest in sex and just take me home.
After one such event it dawned on me how much power I had over hungry, panting, horny males . I decided to use my power in a perverse way. There were some guys, mostly jocks , whom I couldn’t stand. They were so cocky, arrogant , self absorbed that I decided to put my new found power to good use. Sometimes if I went to the movies with one of those guys and he had his arm around me and snatched a feel now and then I would move my hand down his leg until I located his erection - they always have erections - Then I would start messaging it and rubbing it faster and faster until the guy shot his load in his pants. He would have to go to the men’s room, throw his underwear out and try to clean himself up. His trousers would still be wet and he would be uncomfortable for the rest of the night and take me home early..
When I found how well that worked I put it to greater use. . Every weekend there would be a dance held in a local hall for teens . I would stand around waiting to be asked to dance I am fairly attractive so just about every dance I would have a new partner, usually one of those arrogant jocks. As we danced slow dances I would pull the boy close to me, rub my hands up and down his back put his hand on my breast and rub my cheek on his cheek.. Immediately I would feel something pushing into my lower body and I would slide my hand down , squeeze his erect cock and rub it with my hand. It took almost no time before he would throw back his head and groan. With the mess in his pants, that lad was through for the evening. If one, why not others. That first night I sent six boys home early. The next week ten. Then word got around and boys stopped asking me to dance . The girls were furious because so many of the more desirable boys had to leave early.
After awhile it became common knowledge that no one was going to get into my pants. The word was you may or may not get jacked off but don’t expect anything else. I got begrudging acceptance and boys began to treat me with more respect than most of the other girls.
In physics class I was assigned to work on a project with Eric Johnson. He was rather aloof, certainly not one of the boys. and he certainly didn’t know about my sexual proclivities .He was tall, blond with blue eyes and he wore glasses. When I worked with him he was all business. No gossip, no small talk. Sometimes I felt as though he didn’t even know I was there. Then one day , out of the blue, as we were working on an experiment, he said ’I have two tickets for a Mozart concert at the music hall. Would you like to use one of them.’
I was stunned and incredulous. Was he asking me out or was he offering me a free ticket or did he want to sell it to me? ’ What do you mean?’ I asked.
’You know, go with me. I don’t want the ticket to go to waste so I thought you might enjoy the concert. You seem more ah refined than most of the students in this school, so if you like music...’
I was annoyed. ’That’s not exactly the way you ask a girl for a date. - fill that seat next to me with a body, any body or it will go to waste.’
He blushed, ’I’m sorry. I’m not very good at this kind of thing- asking a girl to go out with me. . I just took a chance that you might want to hear the music. I never thought you would accept just because of me.’
’Why do you think I wouldn’t want to go out with you. You’re handsome, intelligent, sensitive, every thing a girl could ask for.’
’ You’re very kind but, well girls have never seemed to be interested in me and I was always afraid of being turned down - laughed at behind my back. I know I’m called a nerd and I just...
’Eric, I’ll go with you and don’t be afraid I’ll laugh at you . I would never do that. ’
’You’ll go with me? Oh, great. I’ll pick you up at 7 if I can get my parent’s car. Otherwise we’ll have to take a taxi.
’ Why don’t I drive, Eric? I bought a used car with the money I made working this summer so I’ll pick you up at 7.’
I never listened much to classical music so I didn’t anticipate I would enjoy the evening but I was wrong. The moods and feelings the music evoked were fantastic and when they played ’Elvira Madigan’ it was so beautiful, so moving that I took Eric’s hand and held it over my heart.
After the concert I headed toward the park. Eric said ’Where are we going?’
’I thought you might like to watch the moon come out. Are you in a hurry to get home?’

After I parked I took Eric’s hand. He was very shy ,bashful. ’You haven’t been out with many girls, have you?’
’ No, he said, ’actually you’re the first’
’Would you like to kiss me?’
His face turned scarlet. Before he could answer I leaned toward him , put my arms around his neck and gave him a long passionate kiss. ’Did you like that?’
’Could... could we do it again?’
This time as I kissed him I put one of his hands on my breast . He squeezed it and I said, ’Would you like to see them?’
’Oh, yeah. I’d love to ’. I unbuttoned my blouse and opened it and reached back and undid my bra.
His eyes were wide as he ogled my tits..’ Gosh they , they ’re /gorgeous/">gorgeous. Wow’
He sat there looking. Then I said ’ Would you like to touch them, play with them’
’Oh, wow. Would I.’
’Nobody’s stopping you , I said . ’Go for it’
He squeezed them ran is fingers around my erect nipples and seemed to be having a great time. My lower regions were starting to contract and I knew I was oozing liquid from my vagina. I took his head and pulled it down to my breast.’ Would you like something to drink?’ I teased him but he didn’t respond. He was too absorbed in what he was doing.
When he came up for air, I pointed at the bulge in his pants and teasingly said, ’What do you have there?’
He became flustered, again embarrassed ’Oh just something in my pocket. ’
’Oh is it? Eric do you have a handkerchief I can borrow?’
’Sure, sure’. he reached in is pocket and pulled out a white linen handkerchief. I moved my hand down to unzip his pants and then stopped. ’I guess I won’t need it after all.’ He was still absorbed in his new found play things He hadn’t noticed how I had reached for his zipper. I played with the idea of pulling up my skirt but decided not to.
Finally i took him home. ’Eric, I said. ’Would you like to go on a picnic with me Saturday. Just the two of us. I’ll pick you up about six."He got out of the car. ’Eric, you’re supposed to kiss your /friend/lady-friend/">lady friend good night when you leave.’
’Sorry, he said . ’I’m new at this. And Joan, I had the most wonderful evening of my life. Thank you, thank you so much. And don’t worry about me telling any one. I would never do that.’

I picked him up for the picnic and drove to a remote section of the park. I put down a blanket , and he took out the cooler of food . We sat on the blanket and ate our sandwiches and drank our soda. He was still very shy. After eating I stretched out on the blanket and he lay down beside me. I was already feeling horny. ’ Want to kiss me?’
’Yes’ he said. ’If you don’t mind.’ He leaned over and gave me kiss. ’Anything else you would like to do?’
’Yes,’he said bashfully.
’Then do it,’ I said.’ I don’t send out written invitations.’
He unbuttoned my shirt With no bra. my tits burst out . He put his head down and buried his face in tits. . He mouthed them and became absolutely ravenous. My whole body was throbbing . ’’Take my pants off, I sighed weakly.. He looked at me, startled . He had trouble unbuttoning the top button and now he was so enflamed he ripped it off and pushed down m pants. Then he wildly ripped off my panties and plunged his face into my crotch. With his hand he messaged the whole region . ’Put your fingers in the hole,’ I told him. He looked at me questioningly and then bent down and spread the lips of my pussy apart. He visually inspected it. ’Like what you see?’ I asked. But by now he had two fingers in me exploring an area his science had never led him .
’Take off your pants, ’I said.
He hesitated. ’I don’t think you know what to expect. I know your a real nice girl and ... and I don’t want to upset you’
I thought that was so /cute/">cute. He thought I didn’t know about the male organ. If he only knew.
’Let’s take a chance. After all, I let you see me.’
He dropped his pants and his erection bobbed up and down. ’It gets this way when I get excited. I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you ’
I reached out and took hold of it. It looked pretty much like all the other cocks I had seen in the past six months or so. ’This is very nice, ’I said rubbing my hand on it. ’You should be very proud of it..’
’It feels so good when you do that, ’he sighed. I gave it a couple of pulls and was about to take my hand away when he spurted . I pushed his cock so most of the fluid would fall on the ground.
’That was quick, ’I said. It reminded me of how quick Mark used to come.
’That felt wonderful’, he said. ’Would you do that again sometime.’
’Sure Eric. How about in the lab on Monday.’ We both laughed.. We lay on the blanket for awhile and talked about the concert and school and such. Then I put my head on his chest and started playing with his cock. Soon it was a solid mass again and I got on top of him eased my body down and put his prick in my cunt. I felt my hyman pop as I slid down on his shaft. I ground my clitoris back and forth over his pubic bone as I moaned in an ecstatic rapture. . Eric gripped me ,dug his nails into my ass as he climaxed.’
After that night, Eric and I became a couple. I got a device to keep me from getting /pregnant/">pregnant More as a lark than anything, a week or so later I did jerk him off in the lab and used a test tube to catch his output. As we saw more of each other Erik changed to a vivacious somewhat gregarious individual who became quite popular. Seeing the change in Eric and the close relationship we developed , all I could do was think ’Isn’t sex wonderful’