She Needed More Than One Man

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She Needed More Than One Man

We"d gone down to a local restaurant and we"re just sitting in the bar, having a drink and relaxing. Chatting with each other about what happened that day, who"d xnxxv sunny leone video done something and how things were in general, I kept looking at her.

I"d always had a hard time not just looking at her. It seemed like I could look at her forever, just taking in the sights, so to speak. Her body was, to my mind perfect. Lush, yet petite. Long legs, perfect and encased in nylon hose. I could see the tops of them where her short skirt was hiked up, exposing her upper thighs and hiding the rest in shadow. As she crossed and uncrossed her legs I was thinking "This is the most desirable woman I"ve ever known."

She's only about 5"5" but it seems like her legs are at least half of her. Slender and perfectly shaped, they ended in the most I"ve encountered. Round but firm and inviting; the flesh taut and smooth. Her belly was slim with no excess, about 23" around. I had always loved looking at her back, slender and perfect with beautiful flanks atop her ass. 

As she sat there on the stool, leaning on the bar and chatting with me I noticed how her breasts stretched the thin material encasing her torso, thinking it was remarkable that such a slender woman had such full breasts. Not huge, but a firm C cup with no sag and exquisitely beautiful nipples. And with that firm bounce when she walked that can't possibly be described as jiggle. They would have looked small on a larger woman, but being only a size 2, they looked large on her small frame.

She, of course, noticed me looking at her. She"d gotten used to it by now and wasn't self-conscious about it any more. She knew what a visual delight she was to me. Smiling sweetly, she swung around on the bar stool and faced me, still talking and acting completely unaware of what was going on. As she swung around, she provocatively opened her legs a bit and followed my eyes with hers as she observed me looking directly at where the slit in her skirt had opened. A smile passed between us as we kept chatting about trivia.

Apparently, the overtness of her sexuality had not gone unnoticed. She occasionally glanced around the room. Following her eyes I noticed several men that were enraptured by her. I can't blame them. She looked directly at me, smiled just a bit and said, in a low tone, "Should we do something a bit nasty tonight?" I found myself nodding my head unconsciously, still fixated on looking at her. "Why don't we have a third tonight?" she said. "More to play with, no?" At this point I grinned broadly, unable to contain myself. You see, I knew how she loved sex; how she craved men. I also knew how she loved me and wasn't really looking for someone to take my place. She just occasionally liked something a bit more; a bit different. 

Knowing I was in agreement with her, she slowly turned around and surveyed the room, looking at the mirror behind the bar. Her eyes came to rest on one man among the many that were gazing at her with lust. Though not self-involved, she knew the power of her sexuality. She smiled at him, through the mirror. He instantly knew the smile was for him. His attention to the conversation he was involved in was fractured. It was fun watching him trying to maintain his composure with his friends. I knew what she wanted; she knew as well. He wasn't sure but was hopeful. She then turned around and continued talking with me, occasionally glancing his way, smiling sweetly, running her hands through her long auburn hair. 

He looked like he was about to explode as he tried to maintain his cool. At this point, we"d finished our drinks and paid the bill, deciding it was time to leave. So we got up off our stools and started heading for the door. Our path would take us right by his table. She lead, walking slowly in her 4" heels, slipping through the crowd. As she reached his table she smiled at him and casually ran her hand along his shoulder and walked on. Reaching the door, she turned once more, smiled and passed through. We stopped out front, at the entrance to the restaurant: just two people in conversation. She knew it wouldn't be long. About 30 seconds later, he came through the door and started to speak. She put her finger to his lips to quiet him, telling him, "You don't really need to speak; we don't care what your name is." She told him to get in his car and follow us. He nodded affirmatively, completely in her control. 

At this we got in our respective cars and left. It was just a short drive back to our place and he was right behind us. While driving, I asked her, "What do you want tonight?" "Two men," she said. "Two men, two cocks".I want you both at once, you and him." I merely nodded. No words were really necessary. I knew what she was like when she got wound up, craving cock. It was like manna from heaven for her and she needed a good portion to calm her cravings.

"Do you like how he looks?" she asked. I told her, "Yes, he's a nice looking guy." "I think so, too. I want him." she playfully said as we rode along. We"d talked about this kind of thing before but had never done anything about it. Just talk. But I could see she was interested and was made lusty by the idea. She had already snaked her hand inside her skirt and was absentmindedly rubbing herself as she looked at me and just smiled.

We arrived at our house, parked the car and walked inside, leaving the front door open. He entered a moment later with an expectant look on his face. "Welcome to our place," she said. "Care for a drink?" He said, "Yes, I would" and she turned to go fix us each a drink. Returning, she placed the drinks on the table, took a sip of hers and kicked her shoes off, smiling at us both. "You both want this, don't you," she said, as she undid the waistband of her skirt, letting the thin material slip down her thighs and drop to the floor. Standing there, in her hose and a , she slowly turned around and simultaneously pulled her top off, the fabric catching on and then releasing her breasts. She wore no bra; breasts as shapely and firm as hers needed none. The look on her face was priceless. Taunting, shameless and filled with lust. She just stood there, slowly licking her lips, inviting and challenging at the same time.

Choosing to sit, she walked across the room and sat in a chair, directly facing us and running her hands across her body. She then cupped her breasts and shuddered with the feeling, knowing she was being watched as she did this. Taking each nipple between the thumb and first finger of each hand, she delicately but firmly pulled on them, sighing with the feeling, enjoying their engorgement. They grew perceptibly and became firm and jutting. I ran a mental picture of a time she came from just this treatment with my own hands.

Looking at us, she said, "Are you going to just sit there? Watching? I want to see you. I want flesh." At this, the trance was broken and we both moved toward her, craving contact with that lovely, aroused woman. We moved to in front of her and she started running her hands across both of us, finally gripping each of us firmly through the fabric of our pants. I could tell she was excited. Sitting there with each hand cupping each of our cocks, squeezing firmly but gently, she couldn't have been happier: a double handful of man meat. She was definitely in her element. 

She then removed her hands and slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her thong, quickly pulling it down over her legs and flinging it to the floor. Still sitting, she parted her legs, wet one finger with her mouth and began pleasuring herself, moving about as she did so. At this point, he and I stripped, dropping our clothing on the floor. We were both already engorged, wanting her. 

Seeing the state of our arousal, she reached forward and grasped his cock. It was hard, nicely shaped and good sized, about the same as mine. Just for a moment I thought, 'this'll be fine. She loves a that fills her mouth." She pulled him forward, toward her mouth and then just took the whole thing, all at once, down her throat. He gasped in pleasure, his whole cock completely captured by her mouth and throat. She cupped his balls with the other hand, gently squeezing and pulling on them as she started to suck on his cock, quite slowly at first, just sliding it in and out of her mouth, all the while holding him tightly with her lips and working her tongue along the shaft as she sucked. Having been in that place many times, I knew how he felt. She was unbelievably talented with her mouth. It wasn't just her technique; it was her attitude. She simply loved sucking cock. As she continued to milk it I got down on my knees and spreading her legs, planted my mouth on her sex. She was already wet, her juices were dripping down her thighs she wanted it so much. At real forced anal against her will the moment I inserted my tongue, licking her lips and sucking on her clit, she moaned; small sounds escaping her mouth from around the cock she was literally consuming like there was no tomorrow. It wasn't but a few seconds before she was overcome by her orgasm. Her legs clamped around my head, her body shuddered and she came to a complete stop, her mouth filled with cock, moaning with her pleasure, wracked by the intensity of her . She went from peak to peak and then finally fell back, reclining against the back of the chair, exhausted and happy. I knew she wanted more though""..she always wanted more.

Recovering, she finally looked at us standing there, each of us masturbating slowly while we gazed at her. She smiled, brushed her hands against us both and kissed both our cocks. Leaning forward she brought us together, holding our cocks together with one hand while she licked them and sucked on each head in turn. "I want you both", she said. "I want you both at the same time"".in me." We didn't need a lot of encouragement. At this, she pulled him down to the floor and quickly mounted him, taking the entire length of his cock easily, already sopping wet and ready. She kneeled there, slowly fucking him, her breasts hanging in his face, heavy and aroused. Her eyes were closed and she was off in a dream world. Finally coming out of it, she opened her eyes and turned to me, inviting me. I made a quick exit, grapped some lube and came back to the rutting before me. It wasn't lovemaking, it was just carnal rutting; two bodies joined in lust. I got down on my knees in front of her face and she took my cock into her mouth, giving me the same treatment she"d given him before. Sucking and milking me, taking my cock down her throat while she simulataneously was taking another in her cunt. Then she took the lube, removed her mouth from my cock and greased me up. She looked at me and said, "Fuck me in the ass, please." But I already knew what she wanted. Moving around behind her I kissed her puckered ass and she moaned with pleasure. I ran my tongue over her and moved down to suck on her lips as they clasped his cock. Her pleasure increased. 

Needing her badly now, I pressed my cockhead against her, slowly pushing inside her, filling her. She moaned, louder now. Pausing a bit for her to open up, I just held in that position while she rose and fell, grinding down on the cock below her. She wanted to be completely filled. As I felt her relax and open, I slid further in, going slowly. She accomodated me immediately, welcoming the thickness of my cock in her ass. Now she was ready. Ready to be used, ready to be taken by two cocks and to be fucked hard. I started giving her long slow strokes. He was doing the same. We found our timing and both plunged into her, filling her completely with cock as we all three maintained our rhythm, each wanting the release of orgasm. Her lust captured us both and we plowed into her, fucking like there was nothing else on earth. And truly, at that moment, there wasn't. There was only this one woman, deep in her lust, craving as much cock as she could take, screaming out her primal pleasure. Her voice rose to a louder tone and her words became unintelligible, animalistic as she sought for and found her next orgasm. Literally shaking with the pleasure of it, she came again, her juices flooding the floor under her, her chest heaving, her cunt and her ass clamping around us, clawing for breath. "Yessssssss"..fuck meeee"..harder", she moaned. "Don't stop, don't ever stop. Yes, yes, yes"""" And finally she went limp, completely drained by the orgasm that had been wrenched from her.

We both slowed and then stopped, still inside her. She then opened her eyes and with a look of pure lust said, "I want cum"""now. Cum on me"".I want to taste you both. Still engorged with lust, we quickly got up. She grabbed both engorged cocks and began milking them and sucking them hungrily. She jacked each of us firmly, wanting cum. Sucking one and jacking another, she held us both, one in her mouth and the other pressed against her cheek. We were just at the edge. She sensed it and plunged ahead. He was quicker. She could sense that his climax would be sooner. He become harder, his cock now being an angry red color. She sucked it, taking it all the way down her throat, wanting to have him so she could taste and swallow his entire load. He jerked, cumming powerfully, the jets of erupting in her mouth. Not able to swallow it all, some escaped from her mouth and she withdrew his cock, taking the rest of his load on her face. Looking at her, sitting there with an engorged cock in her hand and cum running out of her lips and down her face was too much for me. I quickly took his place and she began to suck voraciously on me, imploring me to cum for her. It started: that point from which there is no return. I could feel it starting in the base of my spine. I got harder and she felt it, knew it was coming. Still jacking me, she held her mouth directly in front of me, open, tongue out, waiting and wanting, lust and joy in her eyes. My first eruption came and the hot cum covered her tongue. She quickly swallowed, hungry for more. Jet after jet shot out, covering her lips and face. She"d always loved that I was a heavy cummer. She wilted again, sinking down in another orgasm. Completely sated at last, her face pressed against both our cocks, bathed in cum.

I can only say that this woman surely knows how to get what she wants.