Maries 18th Birthday Proze

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Maries 18th Birthday Proze

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I don’t remember much of the prize-giving service of my very last day at school. Probably because it was so boring. I just sat there with my arms folded as an endless conveyer belt of self-important people strutted up to the podium and at the front of the main hall and made their dull self-indulgent speeches. The Headmaster, a couple of the teachers, some bore from the council and the smart-arse School Captain all had their turn.

I was hoping that Mr McKenzie, my gorgeous French /teacher/">teacher, would make a speech. That may have caught my interest and attention for a little while. But he didn’t and I had to content myself with gazing at the back of his head as I he sat in the front row with the rest of the teachers.

The prize giving ceremony was of no real interest to me, especially as I had not won any prizes myself. It seemed to drag on endlessly as each prize winner was called to receive their certificates to the applause of their friends and relatives.

’Are you going to the /party/">party tonight, Marie?’ Whispered the boy next to me.

I was on the end of a row and he was on my left. I smiled at him insincerely, as I often did with the boys from my peer group. I wasn’t into them at all. Too young and immature for my taste.

’No. It’s my 18th birthday today.’ I replied dryly. ’I have other plans.’

I crossed my legs towards him revealing the smooth skin of my upper thighs as I often did in the presence of both the pupils and teachers alike. Like all girls in the school, I was wearing my black school uniform. The current fashion was to wear a skirt with a helm line just above the knee and stockings that reached up to the middle of the thigh. This meant that any sort of movement, such as crossing your legs or even walking, would likely reveal some bare thigh. Like many other girls, I loved teasing the boys by innocently flashing my thighs, and occasionally my panties.

I smiled inwardly as I saw Robbie’s eyes dart to the hem line of my skirt to catch a glimpse of my thighs, hoping vainly to see a little bit more. He shifted towards me, brushing his knee against mine.

’Oh, come on. It’s the last day.’ He almost pleaded. ’Everyone will be there. It’ll be fun.’

I yawned and crossed my legs bokep sma pecah perawan the other way. I had no wish to go to a drunken party with a crowd of lustful boys and spiteful girls. Unlike many of my fellow six-formers, I was not into drinking and smoking. I preferred aerobics and gymnastics, which of course meant that I had had one of the best bodies in my year. This naturally made me an object of desire for the boys and envy for the girls. I was a loner in school these days. But this didn’t bother me because I believed that I was far too mature for the others. Many thought that I was a snobbish aloof bitch. And looking back, they were sometimes right.

’I know.’ I lied. ’I would love to come, but I’m going out with other friends.’

Although, I looked down with disdain on my fellow six-formers, I was rarely nasty to them. I actually felt sorry for Robbie as he looked at me with mournful regret. In fact, I actually liked him as a person. So I uncrossed my legs and let my skirt ride up to reveal a good portion of my smooth pale shapely thighs. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Robbie’s eyeballs almost pop out their head. It occurred to me that Robbie’s eyes were probably not the only thing that was popping out. Yes, I was sure that Robbie and his cock would remember this moment for a very long time.

I was pleasantly surprised when the head /master/">master asked everyone to stand to say the final prayer. Time had gone quicker than expected.

Then the large decorated wooden doors at the end of the hall were opened and the sixth-formers were asked to file out to symbolize the end of their school days and the beginning of their adult life.

I filed out through the door with the others into the June sunshine, feeling elated that my school days were over. I lost Robbie in the crowd. I didn’t expect to ever see him again, but I was sure that I would appear regularly in some of his masturbation fantasies. A thought that pleased me greatly.

Everyone was excited and elated. I spoke to a few six-formers I knew, signed their year book and even hugged a couple of them. Although I didn’t have a best friend in the school, I generally got on quite well with a lot of them.

But I wasn’t really interested in the other sixth-formers. I looked around the crowd and eventually found who I was looking for. I could see Mr McKenzie speaking to two other teachers. I ran towards him, eagerly pushing my way through the crowd. When I got close, I slowed down and tried to compose myself, not wanting to appear too anxious.

’Hi, Marie.’ Said Mr McKenzie smiling at me with his gorgeous eyes as I approached. ’We were just talking about you.’

I smiled shyly at the two teachers beside him, Mr Brooks my Maths teacher and Mr Hodgeson, the head sports teacher. I imagined that they had been commenting on what a pretty, mature and intelligent young woman I was.

’I believe you are 18 today, Marie.’ Continued Mr McKenzie. ’Congratulations!’

’How did you know?’ I said blushing again, delighted and surprised that Mr McKenzie knew my birthday. I may be haughty with my fellow pupils, but with my teachers, and especially Mr McKenzie, I reverted to being the innocent shy and na’ve young woman that I actually was.

’Jim always knows everything about his favourite pupils.’ Said Mr Brooks winking. Mr also Hodgeson grinned at this while Mr McKenzie shook his head. I smiled shyly again.

The four of us chatted for a while about my plans for university and my future career. I revelled in the attention of the three men who obviously found me attractive. To be honest, I fancied them all. Mr Brooks was a tall attractive black man and Mr Hodgeson had a wonderfully toned body that all the girls fantasised about. However, Mr McKenzie was definitely my favourite with his friendly smile and deep brown eyes. In fact, at the time, I imagined I was in love with him.

’Are your mum and dad around?’ Asked Mr McKenzie.

’Oh, somewhere.’ I said. ’Probably talking to the other parents.’

Mr McKenzie seemed to look around before taking my arm gently and moving his mouth close to my ear. I quivered at the delight at his touch and the closeness of his face to mine. I only barely resisted the temptation to kiss him.

’I have a /surprise/">surprise for you in my class room.’ He whispered. ’Something for your 18th birthday.’

I beamed up at him. I wondered what the surprise was going to be. Was it a gift? Perhaps a ring? I even fantasised that he was going to ask me to marry him.

He took me by the arm and led me away. With my head swimming in a gentle sea of delight, I barely noticed the complicit wink that Mr McKenzie exchanged with the other two male teachers.

He led me to his class room, which was well away from the crowd of teachers, parents and pupils milling around the school entrance. I sat on one of the desks while Mr McKenzie carefully closed the door.

Mr McKenzie came and sat beside me on the desk. Again, the hem of my skirt had ridden up revealing my bare thighs and stocking tops. He looked me up and down licking his lips, his gaze lingering on the bare flesh between the top of my stockings and the hem of my skirt. He reached out his hand. I quivered at first, thinking he was going to touch my knee. But instead, he took my hand and gazed into my eyes.

’Do you have a boyfriend?’ He asked.

’No.’ I answered nervously.

’I don’t know why.’ He said to me softly, his eyes gleaming. ’You are very pretty.’

I felt a tingle ripple through my body and just blushed, looking away shyly.

He leaned forward and brushed his lips and nose against my neck. I felt his hands round my wasted, caressing my hips and then old waman xxxgx moving up to my breasts.

Taken by surprise, I just sat there and sighed as he kissed me and caressed my upper body with his hands. In my confusion I wasn’t sure what to do. I don’t know whether to resist or kiss him back. And so I ended up doing nothing, sitting there submissively as he fondled my young supple body.

He pulled back and leered at me. Gone was the friendly affectionate smile, now replaced by a sneer of lustful desire. He put one hand on my stocking clad knee and moved it up and down my thigh, obviously revelling in the contrast between the feel of my stockings and that of my smooth bare skin.

I heard myself gasp as he caressed my inner thighs and found myself opening my legs. His hands pushed my skirt up to my waste to reveal my white skimpy panties.

’God, look at these tight little panties!’ He grinned, admiring the way my pussy lips protruded though the smooth material.

I moaned as his fingers caressed my pussy lips through the flimsy material of my panties.

’I always knew you were a horny little whore.’ He sneered. ’The way you sit in class each day flashing your legs and panties’.

His dirty talk only raised my excitement. I sat back on the desk and opened my legs wider. He growled with lust and gently inserted his fingers inside the material of my panties to massage my clit.

’Oh, Mr McKenzie.’ I sighed, sitting back and spreading my legs high and wide. Mr McKenzie continued to rub my clit inside my panties with his expert fingers. He had obviously done this before. I gasped in pleasure as I felt myself get wetter and wetter.

He stood up and pulled away from me again. I found that my finger automatically started stroking my pussy to continue the delightful sensation that Mr McKenzie had started.

’God you are a horny slut.’ Growled Mr McKenzie as he opened his trousers and pulled out his large erect cock. I continued sitting there with my legs open expecting him to enter me. But instead, he pulled me off the desk and pushed me on my knees in front of him.

’Suck that cock, girl!’ He snarled. I did not protest. I obediently took his cock in my mouth, rubbing it with one hand, while I continued to caress my clit with the other.

As I sucked his cock, Mr McKenzie got out his mobile phone. At first I thought he was going to call someone to gloat about getting a blowjob from a hot sixth former. But instead he let it ring three times before hanging up.

’Keep sucking my cock, you little slut.’ Mr McKenzie gasped as he fucked my mouth with his cock. Anxious to please him I licked and sucked the length of his shaft, feeling saliva and pre-come dribble down my chin.

Not long after, the class room door opened and two men entered. It was Mr Brooks and Mr Hodgeson. Mr McKenzie grinned at them as I licked the tip of his cock.

’You work fast, my boy.’ Chuckled Mr Brooks wasting no time in getting out his /huge/huge-cocks/huge-black-cock/">huge black cock. In the meantime, Mr Hodgeson stripped to reveal his toned fit body which I had often admired during gym practice.

’Oh, that is so horny!’ Grinned Mr Brooks as he and Mr Hodgeson watched me suck and lick Mr McKenzie’s cock. ’I can’t wait to get that pretty little face around my cock.’

’You’ll have to wait a little longer.’ Replied Mr McKenzie. ’I’m just about to come over the little slut’s face’

I could feel his cock going hard and knew he was about to come. I was desperate to please him and wanted to feel his come on my face. So I sucked and rubbed his cock as hard and fast as I could.

’Rub it harder bitch!’ I did what I was told and I licked the end of his cock. Mr McKenzie groaned and spurted his hot sticky come over my cheeks and lips.

I diligently licked Mr McKenzie’s come off his cock and from round my lips as it dribbled down my cheeks and chin.

’Oh, look at the dirty little slut.’ Grinned Mr Hodgeson as I dutifully sucked Mr McKenzie’s come off my finger.

’This is prize-giving day.’ Joked Mr McKenzie as he retreated to be replaced by the other two men. ’And she definitely wins the prize for being the most filthy slut this year.’

Laughing, the other two men eagerly stepped forward and wasted no time in thrusting their pulsating cocks into my waiting mouth. I marvelled at the length and thickness of Mr Brooks huge throbbing black cock, hardly able to get it in my mouth. And I admired Mr Hodgeson’s well tones six-pack stomach as I licked his more modest organ.

’There’s nothing better than having a pretty white girl in a school uniform suck my black cock.’ Declared Mr Brooks.

’Damn right!’ Agreed Mr Hodegeson as I sucked each cock in turn.

But theses two men wanted more than a blow-job. They pulled me up and sat me on the desk. Mr Brooks knelt down in front of me. He moved his hands up my thighs, caressing the material of my stockings and the bare skin of my thighs.

’I’ve wanted so long to get into this whore’s pussy.’ Grinned Mr Brooks, slipping his dark skinned fingers inside my panties. I sat there groaning with my legs wide open. Mr Brooks pulled the material of my panties to one side and set about licking my clit with his tongue.

In the meantime, Mr Hodgeson was gently unbuttoning my white blouse.

’We don’t want to ruin your clothes too much, do we?’ He said considerately as he removed my blouse and pulled the cups off my lacy bra down so he could suck my erect nipples.

’You’ve waited a long time to suck on these titties.’ Chuckled Mr McKenzie as he stood watching, rubbing his newly erect cock. I sat there submissively and gasped as the two men sucked my nipples and my pussy.

To my brief disappointment, Mr Brooks stopped sucking my clit and stood up. Mr Hogeson stood aside to let Mr Brooks large frame stand in front of me. I found myself opening my legs wide to let him in.

’The little slut wants it.’ Jeered Mr Brooks as he inserted his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock into my pussy. ’She just deserves good /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking.’

I gasped and gripped his shoulders as he rammed the length of his cock into my tender pussy. He put one hand on my neck and pushed me back so I was lying face up with my legs dangling in the air. I heard myself moan in delight and my legs spread wide as his throbbing cock drove into me again and again.

’This girl’s got one /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy.’ He groaned as he fucked me.

I felt his cock go hard and he groaned as he came into me. I didn’t have to wait long for Mr Hodgeson to take his place. He lifted to me up to a sitting position and took his turn to ram his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into me.

’Oh, Mr Hodgeson.’ I sighed, gripping his strong muscular arms and wrapping my legs stocking clad legs around him as he repeatedly thrust into me. I could feel myself smile with joy and heard myself cry out in delight as his rampant cock pummelled into me.

’Look at the little slut. She loves it.’ I heard Mr Brooks say. ’God, my cock’s rock hard again already.’

’I told you she would be up for it.’ Jeered Mr McKenzie as he watched me orgasm on Mr Hodgeson’s cock with squeal of joy.

Just after my climax, Mr Hodegson withdrew his cock and spurted his come over my inner thigh and panties.

After Mr Hodgesong had stepped back, Mr McKenzie pulled me up and turned me round, bending me over the desk.

’I’m going to fuck the slut from behind.’ He said, pulling the back of my panties to one side and ramming his cock into my pussy from behind. I lay my hands on the desk to support myself as the front of my bare thighs were jolted against the desk with each thrust.

I stood there submissively leaning over the desk as each of my three teachers took their turn to fuck my fuck my brains out from behind. After Mr McKenzie came into me, I whimpered in a delightful mixture of pain and /ecstasy/">ecstasy as Mr Brooks’ huge organ rammed into me again, his massive width and length stretching my poor young tender pussy to its limit. Then Mr Hodegson took his turn, fucking me fast and hard like a piston, causing me to cry out uncontrollably as my young pussy climaxed joyfully on his cock yet again.

Then it was over. With their lust quenched on my young innocent body, the three men put their clothes back on. Mr Hodgeson handed over my blouse and some paper hankies.

’You should clean up before see your parents.’ He said. ’They will be looking for you.’

’Thank you, Mr Hodgeson.’ I answered, timidly, adjusting my bra and panties and wiping myself with the hankies.

I saw Mr Brooks hand over a ten pound note to Mr McKenzie.

’Well, you were right. You win the bet.’ Grinned Mr Brooks. ’She did let us all fuck her like a dirty whore.’

As they left me alone in the class room, I realized that I was still a young na’ve girl. These older men had taken advantage of my youth and innocence. They felt no respect for me. I felt ashamed that they had abused and humiliated me ruthlessly to satisfy their own lustful desires, even if I had enjoyed it.

As I straightened out my school uniform the best I could, I realised I had learned a few things from the experience. I had really enjoyed that good hard fucking from these three men. That was true.

But I knew I definitely was not in love with the sleazy Mr McKenzie, or any of the other teachers. Not any more. Perhaps I should give the people my own age a chance after all. I was a beautiful 18 year old girl looking for fun.

Perhaps I would go to the party tonight after all.