Size Matters

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Size Matters

It didnt end well. But the journey wasnt without its highlights.

I had dated Carol, the ex, for nearly five years before we married. We had met in high school. I had reservations about marrying her, which is, I suppose, common. But she had raised (practically) several nieces and nephews and, having come from a large family, could cook great for such a young woman. She deplored that her brothers cheated on her sister in laws. And she was HOT. Compact and curvy in all the right places, five-foot four, 34C-25-35. Lovely face. So, we married.

A /daughter/">daughter was born after a year. Money was tight but we were happy. Our sex life, while routine, was satisfying. She looked great nude, she would swallow (sometimes!) and her pussy tasted great! We would watch /adult/adult-movies/">adult movies on occasion and very little was off limits.

When our child was about a year old, the wifes sister told her about a job opportunity in the building where the sister worked. It was a clerical type job at a courier company that was expanding from its Florida roots to north Georgia and Carol could get in on the ground floor. She hadnt worked since the birth of our child and was looking to go back to work.

"Donna said that it starts at $9 an hour and Id be working directly for the manager!,

Carol told me. "And he asked Donna if I was good looking... Red flag number one, but I wasnt too concerned. By this time wed been together nearly seven years and she had never given me any reason to be jealous. And we could certainly use the money.

I can understand them wanting an attractive women in the office, I said, and theyll have that for sure. And youre competent , too, so they should be happy. This was true. Carol was a hard worker: Not much on abstract thought but once she learned a task she was as reliable and contentious as they come. And the money will surely come in handy, I added truthfully. That she would ever stray was the furthest thing from my mind.

Things started out well enough but the hours were long. I accepted it without a thought. She was being paid overtime and our domestic life was unaffected. But slowly, things began to change. Her dress for work became increasingly sexy and revealing. She began regularly coming home at 7:30 instead of 6 p.m.. Frequently, she would have to call her boss about business once she got home and would have to go to our room and close the door so the kids wont interrupt.

I worked only a short distance from her office and sometimes had reason to go by after work. I would need to get the babys bag or get money to pay the sitter. On these occasions her boss, Mark, who was a tall, dark, Latin man, obviously very attractive to the opposite sex, had become progressively obsequious. I was beginning to become suspicious. The frequency of intimacy was dwindling and she had become impatient and less affectionate.

Then it happened. The call. It came late, after she would normally have been home.

Ed, Im going to be real late, began the call. We were expecting a delivery but the driver is broke down and I have to go with Mark and drop him there so he can swap the load and drive the truck back to Atlanta. We cant leave here until the last driver finish loading which will be after 9, so no telling when Ill get home.

What a long night. I didnt sleep a moment.

Around dawn she arrived home, in soiled white denim jeans and a t-shirt. Not what she had left in.

Where did those clothes come from, I asked.

Theyre Donnas...I couldnt help Mark swap the load in a dress, she replied indignantly. You know shes closer than here to my work and her house is on the way, too. The logic was faultless. Perhaps everything was exactly as she said. There was still hope. Anyway, I have to get a shower and go back to work now.

WHAT!?! NO WAY!! I cried. You havent even slept!

I slept about three hours getting there and anyway, Ill get home early tonight, she replied.

Well, how about some attention before you go back to Atlanta? We havent had sex in at least two weeks! Im sure that I sounded pathetic.

OK, but you need to be quick, so I can get in the shower and go. It was a relief to say the least. Finally, some long awaited intimacy.

I stripped quickly from the underwear in which I had slept and pawed at her clothes in an effort to help her quickly undress. Once I had her on the bed, I moved down to eat her pussy since the lack of foreplay might make for an uncomfortable entry.

No, dont do that, she said. I was taken aback for a moment. That was always something she enjoyed and had never refused. I havent had a shower since yesterday. Again, I accepted the logic. A man can, after all, convince himself of anything if he wants to.

I positioned myself at her opening and, prepared for a bit of work, pushed slowly to enter her. I neednt have worried: She was as loose and wet as a $2 whore. Ive read that a woman will quickly return to her normal size after sex, regardless of the size of her partner. Since that day, I have totally disregarded that myth.

DAY-UM! I mumbled as I reached balls deep.

Whats wrong? she asked defensively.

Nothing, I lied. Never in my life had a felt a pussy so well used. I finished my business quickly. She was totally detached during the sex and when I finished, off she went to the shower.

I didnt have to go to work until later, so after she left I went through her laundry. The crotch of her panties were full of cum. She must have wiped many times, but there was just too much to prevent some from leaking out. I was sick.

Later that day when she came home, we argued about her job and whether she was in love with her boss.

Youre /crazy/">crazy, she said, hes married and I am too!

Then why were you gone all night and come home with your pussy as loose as if youd been in a gangbang?

Ive always been loose for you, she spat back, get over it.

Later that week she told me that she needed some time by herself, to think. So on that Friday night she packed an overnight bag and left.

When she got home Saturday morning I asked where she had gone and what she had done.

I met with Kay from the office. Shes going through a divorce and we ate, drank and /hung/">hung out.

Whatever you say, but I dont believe a word of it, I said flatly.

She wouldnt even look at me. Later, she had to call the office.

I suppose that she realized that the cat was out of the bag and later that week, she moved out, going to live with her sister and leaving our daughter with me. It was a difficult time.

But eventually, I surmised, the wife of alain lyle porn her boss became aware of the affair and he broke it off. The companys Atlanta branch never made money and closed. She came home, tail between her legs, maintaining that she had never been unfaithful.

After that things slowly went somewhat back to normal. Then one night she turned to me and said, I slept with another man.

For some reason I acted as though it was a shock.

The next day we walked together and she told me everything. I think that it was actually more boasting on her part than confession.

So, the Friday that you went out with "Kay from the office", that was bullshit, yeah? I asked.

Yeah, it was. Mark and I got a hotel room in Atlanta. He told his wife that he had to go to Valdosta.

How many times did you fuck him that night?

I dont know, probably four, she said.

Did you suck his dick?

I did everything, she revealed.

And the other trip? Was that all about fucking too?

No, we really did have to get the load back to the office.

Why were you so loose that morning? I asked.

Oh we had sex in the truck sleeper, but we did what we went to do,

How many times did you fuck him that night?

I dont know, but it was a lot, came her brutally honest reply.

Did he have a /dick/big-dick/">big dick?

It was about as long as yours, maybe a couple of inches longer, but it was a lot thicker. Ouch! That really hurt.

Did it make a difference?

It did at first.

Was there anything about sleeping with him that you didnt like?

He came too fast. He wanted to make me /pregnant/">pregnant. He always fucked me with no protection. He loved dumping his /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-my-pussy/">cum in my pussy.

She had a hot body and I, too, was guilty of that.

Now that I was aware of her penchant for big dick, I became determined to give her what she liked. I bought several dildos which she liked, but she said, whats the point if it doesnt vibrate? So I got some large vibrators. These too, would please her for a while. Sometimes the results would be spectacular. She would come to bed in boy-shorts and a too small top, Playboy material, really, and I would insert unbelievable inches into her soaking pussy. I dont know much about anatomy, but I never thought that a woman who was 54" could take so much length so easily. And when she was really into it, I would get the blow job of my life.

Eventually however, she would grow bored of these too, and insist that I stop using them. Then, one day I received a catalog with an order of an /videos/adult-video/">adult video. It had the first penis sleeves that I had ever seen. So, I ordered one. It was called The Perfect Extension, and it was advertised as being 9" long. When it arrived I measured it and found that it was actually closer to ten inches. Oh well, nothing ventured... I wasnt going to be sly about it only to have her tell me that I couldnt use it. Instead, I showed it to her and asked if she would like to try it that evening.

Sure, if you want to, but it looks too big, she cautioned.

That night after a couple of beers, we retired to the bed and began with some foreplay. Eventually I got her naked and entered her. We fucked for a while, until I thought that I would orgasm.

Im going to pull out and put on that /cock/big-cock/">big cock, ok? I asked. I had it in warm water next to the bed.

You can try it but if it hurts, youll have to stop.

Of course.

I had experimented with the best way to get it on quickly and had discovered that with just a small amount of lube and squeezing or flattening it out and placing my head at the opening then releasing it, it would practically suck my dick right in. So this I did as quickly and quietly as I could.

She lie there, legs apart and pussy already fucked waiting to experience the largest, thickest thing that she had ever had. She turned her face away as I put on the extension.

I grabbed the cock about halfway down and placed the head at her labia. She placed her hands on my shoulders and looked down at the tool that was about to enter her. The extension was about one and three quarter inches wide for the first two inches in length, then it gained about another half inch for the rest of the length.

In went the first inch, then inch and a half, which was already more than a quarter inch thicker than I. She looked me in the eye, doubtful. Then we hit indian santali xvideo the fattest part. She bit her lip just a bit. Her breathing became shallow. After a few strokes, using perhaps the first four inches, she moved her hands to my hips. She would alternately pull then push. Each time a bit deeper. Her breathing full of the effects of the /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock that was filling and spreading her pussy. Finally, after about five minutes, I felt our pubic bones meet. She had the full, nine-plus inches inside and she was grinding me like Id never felt before.

Her tongue went wild in my mouth. I found that I could pump furiously without coming because of the lack of sensation and I was glad of it! The visual pleasure exceeded the physical pleasure. Seeing that nearly ten-inch dick being buried time after time in her pussy and hearing her moans, listening to her say, OH Baby, fuck me with that /fat/fat-dick/">fat dick!!! OH FUCK! Dont stop...oh FUCK! DEEPER!!!, well, it was the most exciting sex of my life.

This went on until she had come more than I had ever seen. Finally, exhausted, she said, youve got to come now.

Let me put your legs up on my shoulders, I commanded.

NO! Take that thing off so I can feel you come! she cried.

Without protest, I quickly pulled out and removed the extension, dropped it back into the container and plunged back into a pussy even looser and wetter than after the trip. I was in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, and came within ten strokes. I saw stars. I knew the meaning of life. Damn!

Of course, the damage to our marriage was done and we eventually divorced. But, not before we graduated to a full 11" extension. Using this, I saw her bend over the bed, face down, taking the entire length, even putting her right leg up on the bed to be certain of getting the entire thing. That image is burned in my mind.

Eventually, she cheated again. her lover was (as I was to find out later) was black and exceptionally hung. And we divorced. Not long after she became pregnant by him and had his coloured baby. He of course left her and from what Im now told she moves from one black guy to the next. I suppose her taste for /cock/large-cock/">large cock has now taken over. No doubt it wont be to long before she will be pregnant again. But I certainly found out for myself; For some women, Size Matters!!!