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Lately I’ve had quite a number of visitors landing here looking for Palmer Acoustic Guitar. I know that there’s not much of information online with regards to Palmer Guitars. I found a lot of questions online but not really good answers. Maybe this is because there is no Palmer Guitar Company. When manufacturers and suppliers enter into a contract to build to specifications, the name goes on the instrument. Palmers are manufactured in this manner to high quality standards with quality components. So, I thought I’d just post about my own Palmer Acoustic guitar and my experience with it. I bought this guitar somewhere late 1999 in Singapore to replace the one that I had since I was 13. This baby has been places and she’s beat up pretty badly. Still playable but needs new fret-wires and a thorough restoration job. After 30 years, it’s nice to have a new one.

My old guitar, coming to 30 Years Old. Please excuse the young cat as he insisted in checking out the hole..

needs new fret wires and a thorough restoration

The replacement was this guitar. The Palmer GDB660. It’s actually a gift from the love of my life, my wife. It also caught my eyes as it was an ovation clone. It wasn’t really that expensive and was a display-test guitar. I don’t mind cheap guitars as long as the quality is decent enough. Nice finishing, no sharp edges, no warp or bend necks and cheap or decently priced, I’ll go for it. After all, in music it is never the instrument but the musician. The instrument is just an extension to the players soul. And after noodling on it a while, I bought it or rather my wife Love ya babe!

Palmer GDB660 – Ovation Clone

The Headstock Decal

The Serial Number Sticker Inside

Close-up of the serial number

Close-up Palmer Logo



Top Profile View

Side Profile View

Nice Finishing

100% totally stock,  stock string action

EQ Controller

Flip 9V Battery Housing

Click on the above image for more..

She’s 11 years old now. Like wine, the sound has aged nicely and sounds sweeter today than the day I bought it. It’s made in Korea, semi acoustic as you can plug it in. Fibreglass body and a rosewood fretboard. It’s totally stock. Nothing has been tempered with. The tuning peg for the D string needs to be replaced, but she still stays in tune nicely. Right now, I’m trying out “ClearTone Acoustic String” and so far I’m loving it :). I have always used .10 – .47 string gauge. No matter that she is made from an unknown company. She still sings sweetly….


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