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Fluffy Friday: Rowan the blind dog

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

I stumbled on an interesting story that I thought would make a good post for a blogger friend’s MEME – Fluffy Friday. Here’s Fluffy Friday for ya GP :)

It’s about a dog that was born without eyes. Tragic and sad, I know. But this is no sad story. This is raw enthusiasm and determination. The ability to adapt at it’s very best.

Eyes? What Eyes?

Meet Rowan. Rowan a German Spitz, due to a congenital defect was born without eyes. And because he doesn’t even know what eyes are, he developed echolocation instead. That’s right, echolocation like bats. So he barks around to scan the terrain and his location. He uses sound to navigate his way around. Awesome :)

He comes running when being called

He behaves like a normal dog. He comes running when being called. He gets excited when it’s chow time. The only difference would be that he barks a lot and cannot differentiate between night and day. Go figure that one out lol! Just imagine when he gets frisky and wants to play when everyone else is sleeping. Wake the neighbours up Rowan!

It reminds me of a malay saying ~ “Kurang satu, lebih satu”. Loosely translated means something like ~ “Win some, lose some”. And to me, it shows the greatness of our creator and how to make the best out of the situation.

Don’t that smile just grows on you..


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Translation fun

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

So far the second week of January has been quite hectic for a lot of people. Even participants of  the LadyJava’s Music Monday seems to have their hands full. Well, why not take a breather and have some translation fun.

Lately while doing system maintenance at a clients office, I kept bumping into ads that are “adult” in nature. First thought was, damn spyware infections. But no, the pc’s are clean and no spyware or adware infections whatsoever.  The ads are legit. Most of these ads are from Malaysian sites. They are not really vulgar or obscene and I find it rather comical.  Trust me, without going into details on what the products are but just by speech itself,  it sounds funny in Bahasa Malaysia.  Now run it through Google Translator, I’m sure you’ll have a blast in whatever language that you choose.

Copy and paste the following into

“Imbas gadis itu”


Now try this one

“Suami  tahan lebih lama. Tahan lama 1 – 3 jam. Losyen sapu. Isteri puas. Dijamin.”


Old Currency Notes

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

I am not really a collector of old currency notes. But I guess everybody has some somewhere in their home. I do have a few collections of old Malaysian Ringgit and a few other currency notes, It’s usually the extra cash that was not used when being abroad.

Most of these old money are no longer in circulation. I don’t know what the value of these notes are now, but I did come across someone who is selling the Malaysian Rinngit at RM6.50 for the old RM1.00. Whoaa that’s like what…500% increase!!. Lemme see, I have quite a number of them and I’d gladly let it go for that price. Any takers ?

Malaysian Ringgit

Malaysian Ringgit

Malaysian Ringgit

Malaysian Ringgit


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