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Revenge Of The Termites

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

It was just last July that I posted about my Hammer Guitar Hard Case being mauled by termites. Now they’re back with a vengance. Lately I have been noticing that the drawer where I keep my t-shirts are kind of sandy. So this morning I decided to take a look and pull the drawers out. And walla!, another colony happily chewing away at my cabinet. So I delayed going out and proceeded to spray some pesticide on the area. At least by the time I get back they should be neutralized.

Termitox 500EC (more…)

69′ Strat loaded with Seymour Duncan YJM Fury

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

69'Strat with Syemour Duncan YJM Fury STK-S10


Fender Stratocaster or more fondly known as a “Strat” is the Icon of Electric Guitars. It is the most copied and the basic blueprint for most shredding guitars these days also commonly referred to as “Super Strats”. I am privileged enough to own two of them.

68 Strat and Seymour Duncan YJM Fury

This is one of them. A classic vintage 69 Strat. I have had this beauty for 23 years now. It came with the (more…)

A Hamer and the Termites

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Hamer Guitar Logo

Yup! an expensive lesson learnt. When the tropical jungle is your front yard, pest control is a MUST! unless you don’t mind loosing some valuables along the way.  The latest and the most valuable item so far that have been mauled by termites is my Hamer guitar hardcase.  It freaked me out but luckily it was just the case. The guitar is safe and sound in my guitar cabinet. Looks like I have to double the effort just to be sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Hamer Guitar Hardcase (more…)

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